Borsalino For Sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Gunloader55, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. Gunloader55

    Gunloader55 One of the Regulars

    Valdese NC
    Vintage Borsalino For Sale $275.00

    Size 7 1/2 Length 8in Width 6 3/4 fits more like 3/8
    Color Beige,underside is color
    Brim 2 1/2
    Crown 4 3/4 as bashed
    Ribbon 2 1/4 with matching trolley cord and great bow.
    Sweatband 1 3/4

    Hats in excellent condition no moth damage or stains.

    Price $275 shipped conus
    If interested I’ll send pictures,can’t upload them here.
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  2. Bill Hughes

    Bill Hughes Call Me a Cab

    North Texas
    Here are Vic's pictures.

    78095862_447069909323915_3873608983965073408_n.jpg 78162027_426737704902221_8487969968153952256_n.jpg 78357032_392536388137436_1104518430066737152_n.jpg 78376771_2373393502878395_8805796212323123200_n.jpg 78549071_476140013011309_8059400534878060544_n.jpg 78850078_562082077956947_4642847367664500736_n.jpg 79094086_1452411848256835_4360528996815863808_n.jpg 79547228_977254042650895_2425584257884749824_n.jpg

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