Bostonian Made in USA No. 16 Boot

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  1. Matt Deckard

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    I wouldn’t say I’m a shoe snob, but fickle with shoes. I introduce to you, the Bostonian No. 16 boot. The men’s ankle boot. This pair made in the USA and received for review. Thank you Bostonian. There are a few heritage brands that still hail from the USA that can claim that they are made here. With shoes, classic men’s shoes, the factory made properly welted ones have dwindled to Alden Shoe Company and Allen Edmonds. But now we have one back. But for how long? Will it last? Who are these American cobblers stepping up to the task of reviving the heritage part of an old brand? Do you believe in brand names anymore, and can they have a heritage if it’s been dissolved and then brought back with lots of fanfare? Leave your comments below. More importantly, do they dance???

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. belfastboy

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    Those are great looking boots. It is a much smaller more regional brand but I am a fan of Danner Boots out of Oregon. They were bought out a while back by a larger conglomerate but still make some of their boots in the Portland factory. Their origins are in work boots, then into hiking and have a line of semi dress boots. Not as refined as these Bostons but still great boots for semi dress/casual wear.
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  3. Lefty W.

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    Nice! Did you have a hand in designing them?

    These wouldn't happen to be shell cordovan, would they? I was looking to get a pair of Alden shell boots, but now I might look at these.
  4. Nobert

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    They look nice, and I'm certainly glad if Bostonian is reviving quality footwear. But, personally, for half a grand, I'd want something either dressier or bootier.
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  5. Héctor Fernández

    Héctor Fernández Practically Family

    Danner's were my combat boot of choice through two deployments.[emoji106][emoji106]

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  6. Blackadder

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    Oak Street Bootmakers, Wolverine 1000 miles, Rancourt.

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