Bostonian Made in USA No. 16 Boot

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by Matt Deckard, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. Matt Deckard

    Matt Deckard Man of Action

    I wouldn’t say I’m a shoe snob, but fickle with shoes. I introduce to you, the Bostonian No. 16 boot. The men’s ankle boot. This pair made in the USA and received for review. Thank you Bostonian. There are a few heritage brands that still hail from the USA that can claim that they are made here. With shoes, classic men’s shoes, the factory made properly welted ones have dwindled to Alden Shoe Company and Allen Edmonds. But now we have one back. But for how long? Will it last? Who are these American cobblers stepping up to the task of reviving the heritage part of an old brand? Do you believe in brand names anymore, and can they have a heritage if it’s been dissolved and then brought back with lots of fanfare? Leave your comments below. More importantly, do they dance???

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. belfastboy

    belfastboy I'll Lock Up

    vancouver, canada
    Those are great looking boots. It is a much smaller more regional brand but I am a fan of Danner Boots out of Oregon. They were bought out a while back by a larger conglomerate but still make some of their boots in the Portland factory. Their origins are in work boots, then into hiking and have a line of semi dress boots. Not as refined as these Bostons but still great boots for semi dress/casual wear.
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  3. Lefty W.

    Lefty W. One of the Regulars

    Austin, TX
    Nice! Did you have a hand in designing them?

    These wouldn't happen to be shell cordovan, would they? I was looking to get a pair of Alden shell boots, but now I might look at these.
  4. Nobert

    Nobert Practically Family

    In the Maine Woods
    They look nice, and I'm certainly glad if Bostonian is reviving quality footwear. But, personally, for half a grand, I'd want something either dressier or bootier.
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  5. Héctor Fernández

    Héctor Fernández One Too Many

    Greatest Country, U.S.A.
    Danner's were my combat boot of choice through two deployments.[emoji106][emoji106]

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  6. Blackadder

    Blackadder Call Me a Cab

    Oak Street Bootmakers, Wolverine 1000 miles, Rancourt.
  7. Talbot

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    Melbourne Australia
    Will they dance? Tune in some AFRS Jubilee, or G.I. Jive, and find out!
  8. Short Balding Guy

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    Minnesota, USA
    Good morning Matt. While I do not have the expertise you have in all things mens attire I humbly offer some of my observations below.

    Bostonian, owned by the Clark shoe company who by 2018 rolled out it's heritage line of made in USA footwear. I applaud them. The boots have been crafted on the brand’s signature No. 16 last, which had been used to build Bostonian shoes for half a century. The line features Goodyear-welted soles. The price point is around $450-500. The price puts this boot squarely in competition with calfskin Alden and AE boots.

    Truth in posting - I have been considering mens boots for a while. I picked up a less expensive AE Suter Mills to see if I would actually wear them about. I really like wearing them. Now for shopping. After handling the Bostonians, AE boots and then Aldens I have ordered a pair of Aldens. The Aldens are coming and should arrive this coming spring. The price is higher ( about $200). The quality of leather, sole quality, stitching quality, heel stack quality and the options of different lasts put this manufacturers products on top for me.

    I like the Bostonian boots. While I like the idea of made in USA, I have shoes made elsewhere in the world that are truly excellent and top of their categories. For me, the manufacturing location is a consideration, but not a deal breaker. An example are the Grant Stone boot offerings made in China. The boots are dynamite at a dynamite price point. Sold in Michigan with excellent customer service and excellent warranty they will be a purchase for me in the future.

    Your provocative question of will they last (I assume pun intended) had me thinking the last few days. The folks I know appreciate heritage brands. I firmly believe that we currently are a minority of real money spenders in the market. Lots of folks talk of preferences, but if they are not purchasing it is background noise. I am optimistic that we minority are to be joined by more in the short future as sustainability hits all of us in the forehead. Will it be the majority - no. Until their is more of a restructuring of income equality in the world, heritage brands will not be the choices of a majority of purchasers.

    The above is certainly just my opinion to the provocative query. Thanks for the post and for the resultant pondering it provoked.

    Best, Eric -
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  9. LuvMyMan

    LuvMyMan I’ll Lock Up.

    I have always thought when looking at a price tag on any boots past the $400.00 up and buy VASS. Nothing wrong with Bostonians or Aldens...just too close to being in the range of VASS.

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