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Bronson MA-1 review

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by GregGale, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. GregGale

    GregGale One of the Regulars

    I know, one can buy an original MA-1 on Ebay at a decent price. I didn't want to, due to it being hard to be sure of the size, no returns, dirty, sweaty, knits needing replacement, etc...I wanted my own jacket. Some would disagree, but let's move forward to the review.

    I had a "mall" Alpha "VF-59. Good fit, but quite a mall jacket. Even after replacing the knits. So I ordered a Bronson MA-1 from Taobao through Superbuy. It's modeled after an early contract, MIL-J-8279. It cost me as much as the knit replacement on the Alpha...I was blown away!

    The jacket is sturdy, great quality, well constructed. Knits are nice, pockets are reinforced with a really thick and strong material. The color is lighter and more of a silvery grayish green than my Alpha. googling pictures of originals this seems to be correct. Knits are almost the same color as Larry's (I replaced the knits on my Alhpa), a bit darker though. The only weak point I would say is the zipper which feels weak and needed a bit of soap. Oh well. First I was a bit disappointed because the internal zipper flap ended in a 90 degree angle, not rounded like on most others. A bit more googling revealed that this was correct for this early model!

    Luckily I nailed the fit too, but I had my Alhpa to measure and compare with. I went for the size 40 (L). Shoulders and torso are roomy enough. Sleeve lengths are spot on. Sleeves are more baggy than my Alpha but according to original photos, this is the real fit. It is quite short though, but not shorter than what I expected from an MA-1. Nothing I can't wear. I'm 183 cm tall and have a 39" chest.

    Overall, my Alpha fits me better probably, with the eyes of a "civilian", that is, it's more tailored. This one, however looks like a real flying jacket. My girlfriend, who knows nothing about these said my Alpha looks like "a dime a dozen", the Bronson looks unique and special, and its color is nicer too :) Now I'm trying to sell my Alhpa in my flying club :) Based on this purchase I can't recommend Bronson enough.

    Photos (Bronson on top, Alpha underneath):

    IMG_1429.JPG IMG_1443.JPG IMG_1408.jpg IMG_1406.jpg IMG_1407.jpg
  2. Justhandguns

    Justhandguns Practically Family

    Nice jacket! Judging from your photo, the colour looks pretty good as it resembles more of an aged real deal. What sort of zipper has it got? I presume Talon?
  3. GregGale

    GregGale One of the Regulars

    The zipper is a repro Talon. The color is not as turquoise as on the fit pics, more like the one where the label is visible. This photo taken outside does more justice:

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  4. Pdawg

    Pdawg One of the Regulars

    USA DC
    Bronson makes great products. Their construction is top notch. Great Score!
  5. Edward

    Edward Bartender

    London, UK
    Very nice indeed. I've been eying some Bronsons on eBay for a while; I like this one, and maybe the 62 spec (The first orange-liner model is, I think, the last flying jacket style I would care to collect). Also very keen on their L2A. I might well treat myself once I clear out all the stuff that's going....

    Thanks for the review.
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