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    Chinese made items are not inherently inferior, nor are their working standards or environmental impact. Being mindful of where we drop our dollars is always important, regardless of where it’s manufactured. There are too many ethical, environmentally conscious, talented makers overseas to attempt to list. We should strive to boost those companies up and leave our blanket comments about manufacturer region to our predecessors.
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    They have been very kind and responsive by email, i asked them to remove my last review and they told me not to worry too much about it. Fair enough.

    Shipping is approximately 10 to 15 days here in europe and still no import taxes since they ship thru Luxembourg first.
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    Had once bought the wabash shirt which is great imo.
    The browns beach looking like vest is scrap. Very thin, bad seams. I sold immediately.
    The henley is cheap but you get an item for that price. i will not buy anything more in these shops. But I understand that people cannot afford all the pieces made by hand in Japan.

    I wouldn’t mind to buy something hand made from China like Flamepanda. But from a factory you don’t know anything about, no way. That’s my opinion. I’m trying to avoid made in Chinese factories goods as much as possible.
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