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Hi everyone,
sale beautiful Brooks Cross-Zip, Gold Label !! in Excellent condition! Shiny Leather, Rich Hide Grain! as shown in the photo! perfect zips original "Talon", lining in excellent condition. I'm honest, I love this jacket too much! and I deprive myself of it just because unfortunately it is small to me otherwise I would NEVER have sold it!

22" / 55 cm.
Chest (Underarm Seam To Underarm Seam).

25" / 64 cm.
Length (Bottom Of Collar To Bottom Seam).

24.5" / 62 cm.
Sleeve (Shoulder To Bottom Of Cuff).

18" / 46 cm.
Shoulders (Shoulder To Shoulder)

I ask 240 $ / 200 € plus shipping costs.
I ship worldwide. Payments with PayPal and for further information are always at your disposal with private message! thank you.


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How is the cut of the jacket and sleeves? Is it trim like their CRs, or is it more like standard double riders?

Hí thank you for your interest! it is definitely more comfortable especially in the chest area than the Brooks CR which I have had a pair and they are really super slim as you already you know I guess... fit close to the cross-zip Buco model! anyway sleeves and chest are more comfortable than the CR Brooks absolutely! that I had to take one a year ago of 2 sizes more to get inside! clearly I have tried to carefully describe in inches and cm which are ultimately the absolute truth. I think it is a double raders that fits right with a nice reinforced panel at the back that I have always liked very much! and that you do not find in the same model in the post "Gold Label" era.
Looks like a nice jacket, a bit small for me. I mostly only see Brooks Cafe Racers.

it is really beautiful with a fit very close to the Buco PJ27! you know better than me, Buco and Brooks were a "family..." this jacket I don't say unusual but still less easy to find in our days than the beautiful CR of Brooks. I would not like to sell it, especially of the "Gold Label" era, you can see really fews in our days... but it is small to me and so now, I just want it to go into the hands of a person who can love it like me.

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