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Can anyone recommend a place to buy some high quality above the knee or thigh high boots for men?


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Tall boots have always been one of my favorite styles and as I've gotten older and more confident I'm finally wanting to try and pick some of these up, but unfortunately they seem quite difficult to find for men, even when searching I tend to get mostly results for women's boots or crossdressing. Can anyone give me any suggestions or point me in a good direction to look? Thanks!

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Maybe a good place to start would be the knee high walking boots from " Footwear by Footskins "
They aren't quite as tall as your looking for, but are still tall and aren't very expensive.
That's certainly where I'd want to start unless I've had a really tall boot before.
They offer them with a traditional Moccasin canoe sole or a sewn on outsole that has a heel.

It depends what you're planning to do in them, but they meet my definition of quality as they are hand made in the US of domestic materials and have no cheap cost cutting substitute materials in them.

They're moccasins, so they aren't a tough as nails logger or anything because they're a Moccasin but they are tall and can be had for $350 if you don't pay up for deer skin.

They even have some with a bit if fringe at the top if you want to look like a frontiersman.
I couldn't pull those ones off, but it's hard to hate any traditional native American type apparel.

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