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Discussion in 'The Moving Picture' started by astrang1, Oct 4, 2015.

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    If you're a fan of Polanski's Chinatown you will know Jerry Goldsmiths soundtrack. However it was a second choice. The original score was by Philip Lambro but Polanski opted for Goldsmith as he was allegedly not enamoured with Lambro's work. It has finally been released on a cd called Los Angeles 1937 but for legal reasons cannot use Chinatown in the title. Worth a listen for film completists and it can be heard on youtube on the following link.
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  2. The Good

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    I'm enjoying that, thank you! I remember reading about an alternative soundtrack, yet it was not possible to hear it. Now it is.
  3. Blackthorn

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    I'm really glad to find out about this, thank you.
  4. MikeKardec

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    Wow! Not nearly as impressive as what they used but, if I remember correctly, even that score went though some changes with the distinctive horn line, which is really the thing that matters, being added late in the process. If you stop thinking about the wonderful horn you can tell that both composers were probably the same thing at the outset. There are some foundational elements that seem to be trying to achieve the same goal.

    Such a great film. It really catches the melancholy of this town that is always furiously recreating itself yet, even today, still retains backwaters of its past.

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