Chippewa Aldrich v iron ranger sizing

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Lord Flashheart, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Lord Flashheart

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    Victoria, Australia
    Hello gents,

    I've got a Thurston Bros Comet PLU-3 in the post and I'm looking for a pair of black boots to match. I've narrowed it down to RW beckman or Chippewa Adldrich boots.

    Do any of you guys have experience with the size and fit of Chippewa boots? I currently have two pairs of RW Iron rangers and I'm wondering how the fit compares. The IR are size 10.5US (9.5UK) which is strange as I'm usually a 10.5UK so m at a loss on which size Aldrich to order!

    Many thanks

  2. ButteMT61


    Pasadena, CA
    It depends on the boots. I have two pairs of Chippewa engineer boots and they're to size - 13.
    I have another pair of 6" ankle Chippewa and they're a little small.
    Red Wing to me are also true to size, but I've only had two pairs, my current being a Muleskinner Iron Ranger.
    The other boots of similar style I own are Thorogood. They run 1/2 size large.
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  3. JMax

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    All of my Chippewa and RWs are the same size. The RWs are Iron Rangers and Cooper Moc Toe, the Chippewa are Apache, Service and Logger boots.

    Good to know on the Thorogood since I have been eyeballing a pair of their lace to toe/lineman? Boots.
  4. My Chippewa's & Red Wing's are the same size as well.

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