Christy's Homburg - should I?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by LordBest, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. LordBest

    LordBest Practically Family

    I am sitting here, ready to pull the trigger on a light grey fur felt Homburg from Christy's, via Hornets Hats. For some odd reason I am getting cold feet, despite a nice homburg being something I have desired for quite a long time. 70GBP including shipping is quite a bit, but certain family members have offered to pay for a hat of my choice as a Christmas present. So, should I get it?
  2. Edward

    Edward Bartender

    London, UK
    Sounds reasonable to me.... an Akubra Federation Deluxe Mk III is about that price before shipping at present. Christy's hats are grand stuff. If it's something you really want and will get a lot of wear out of, go for it.
  3. Mr. Paladin

    Mr. Paladin My Mail is Forwarded Here

    North Texas
    LordBest, I was similarly concerned about a homburg but recently ordered and received a wonderful Selentino Alpha homburg in a steel grey with grey ribbon. It is wonderful and I wear it out to dress occasions. It will go with me to the Dallas opera this weekend and I am most pleased with both the look and the style. Go for it; you won't be disappointed. I believe the homburg is (blasphemy on a fedora site) the King of Hats!
  4. H.Johnson

    H.Johnson One Too Many

    Midlands, UK
    It depends what you are expecting. I love vintage Christy's products (a prewar Imperial is my favourite hat) but that love just tends to increase my disappointment with the current offering. The same thing applies, I fear, to Herbert Johnson's offerings. By the way, if anyone is in Northern England with a half day to kill, a vivit to Christy's old factory is a good hat experience.

    So if you're expecting a 1930s quality Homburg for your 75GBP, I would brace yourself...
  5. LordBest

    LordBest Practically Family

    Well, I ordered it. I am not expecting vintage quality, but I do hope for something well constructed to last a decent while and attractive enough for me to want to wear it often enough.
  6. airspirit

    airspirit New in Town

    Seattle, WA
    That is a fine looking hat. I'm not sure I could pull off such a look. I'm curious, is it appropriate to put a crease in the top of that hat? I ask because it is open crown and I'm pretty sure from memory most of those have a crease.
  7. carldelo

    carldelo One Too Many

    Astoria, NYC
    That new Homberg (sic) of theirs look pretty nice - it should look very sharp in light gray. I have a Chrystie's Trilby from about 1987 and it is still in good shape, although my head is now too big for it (that's grad school for you). Seriously, the Homburg may not be vintage quality, but it should still be a nice hat. Good luck with it, and if you end up not liking it, you would probably be able to flip it to another lounger for what you paid.

    I've been toying with the idea of one of their bowlers, but haven't been able to pull the trigger on a somewhat unusual style with no opportunity to try it on first. It would be helpful if you'd report on how the sizing of your hat turns out when it shows up, along with pictures, of course...

  8. moustache

    moustache Practically Family

    I own a Borsalino Homburg and while I don't wear it but 10-20 times a year,I would never part with it. They are great with a suit or dress coat.

  9. Jauntyone

    Jauntyone Practically Family

    Puy-de-Dôme, France
  10. ScionPI2005

    ScionPI2005 Call Me a Cab

    Bremerton, Washington
    Sounds like a good purchase to me. Be sure to post pictures when you get it!
  11. demian

    demian Guest

    I highly recommend Melegari. They are one of only a handful of true milliners in existence and very pasionate people and charming....along with Graham Thompson, Art Fawcett and Gary White in Buffalo.

    Otherwise, one cannot beat a vintage just can't want for more.

    If I am not mistaken I believe there is one listed online now. Worth having it resized if necessary.

    10x the hat of a Christies in IMO...although I have never seen the Homburg.

    Having searched and researched ad nauseum for the perfect hat, you can't beat a vintage Borsalino, or one of the handful of milliners listed above.

    If I were you, now, as you sound, I would go with Melegari. You can't beat artisan work my you know. me, a homburg is one of those hats you'd have for a lifetime. It's a special one.

    My thought.
    Post what you decide!
  12. ken100

    ken100 Familiar Face

    Sydney Australia

    Vintage is the best we see from the past, contempary is what we have available, what we have now will be seen in the future as the best from the past, enjoy what we have , its the good old days before they become old!

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