Classic Gray Flannel Suit 44 Long

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Bankshot, Jan 25, 2020.

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    D655914D-51A9-479A-85EF-813E7FCD8328.jpeg 834999F5-E142-48A2-8EC5-06238783EAD3.jpeg View attachment 208327 View attachment 208327 View attachment 208327 D655914D-51A9-479A-85EF-813E7FCD8328.jpeg 834999F5-E142-48A2-8EC5-06238783EAD3.jpeg I’m selling my classic, charcoal gray wool suit. This suit is classy in any era. Seldom worn, great care. Size 44 Long. Trousers, pleats and cuffs 37 waist, 32 length. This well made Oxxford suit was made in Chicago of 120s wool fabric. Soft, warm, middle weight. In perfect shape. I envision “The Untouchables” with this suit. $300 or best offer. PP.
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