Classic trilby Mayser Elite grey felt 70/80s hat

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Tomasz Zieniewicz, Jan 8, 2020.

  1. Tomasz Zieniewicz

    Tomasz Zieniewicz New in Town

    A Mayser Elite grey trilby hat from 70s (or early 80s) is looking for a new home.
    Im looking to get 34€/38$.

    Hat is in a very good condition as shown in pictures. It has a small fold on its left side that needs to be smoothed during cleaning, and a small glued burst on the inside of the hat (shown on picture, just below the bow and partialy covered by it, its even bearly visible).

    Materials: felt and nylon
    Size (cm) : 54
    Length : 26,5
    Width : 23
    Height: 12
    Brim: 3-4
    Material : Felt
    Color: Grey
    Brand: Mayser Elite

    Standard shipping (3-7 days)
    Domestic shipping (Poland) - 4€
    Shipping to EU countries - 12€
    Shipping outside EU - 15€

    Im new to this community, so my knowledge is mostly limited by my internet search-fu skills, and information kindly provided by other forum members (thank you all).
    If there are any errors, or I wrote some kind of hat gibberish, please correct me.

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