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Coffee, grind your own?

Pasadena, CA
I use a La Pavoni lever machine for espressos and lattés. I went from drinking brewed coffee (when I have time) to Americanos with espresso. Some cleanup involved, but well worth the effort.
Been wanting a nice burr grinder for some time and stumbled across this Rancilio MD-40 today (along with a few portafilters, tampers, and five pounds of whole espresso beans from Barista Pro Shop) for $100. Never thought I would own a $900 grinder!

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New Forest
That's some coffee grinder, talk about whistles and bells.
Tea is still the most popular hot drink in the UK, which puts me a great odds when we visit friends, because I cannot get a flavour for tea. Some know how to make coffee, but most think that it's simply a spoonful of instant in a cup, add boiling water. Yuk!
Never could get a flavour for instant coffee, nor that awful chicory liquid tar. Double yuk!
My preference is for a Kenyan coffee called Peaberry, which I drink black no sugar. I buy it from a speciality shop where they grind it for me, although I do have a grinder. Peaberry was a coffee that I discovered during my student days, I've drunk it ever since. Always made the same way, in a French press, poured without any filter. Love it, love it, love it.


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Fort Davis, Tx
I grind my coffee by hand each and every morning. Whether it goes in the boiler, the french press or the moka pot all depends on my mood. That said the default coffee served is boiled. It's served with heavy cream and sugar, or black.


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I French press on the weekends. I've got a Capresso burr grinder with whatever beans are on sale. Usually it's Kauai Coffee dark roast. 16g water per gram of coffee, coarsest grind, 200F for 4 minutes, then press.

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As a bump, I to like to grind my own and have many hand grinders, BUT this 1940's Kitchen-Aid grinder is my favorite (as it requires little from me other than filling and flipping the switch)......;-) Edit: I wanted to add that it is easy to adjust the grind from fairly fine to nice and course by simply turning the hopper's base ring (which has graduations well marked and felt).

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Now here my pics, as I promised:

That's my good tasting coffee, when it's grounded through. The finer ground between is from the "corners" of my simple electric grinder, where I pick this goodness up with my fingers. :)

Altogether not too bad. I'm still pleased!


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