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combat camera heritage

Discussion in 'WWII' started by MrBern, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. MrBern

    MrBern I'll Lock Up

  2. Tony in Tarzana

    Tony in Tarzana My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Baldwin Park California USA
    Thanks! One has to stop and think, whenever we see combat footage from WWII and the other wars, that somebody with a movie camera was right there in the thick of the battle getting that footage.

    Ever seen the movie "84 Charlie MoPic"?
  3. J. M. Stovall

    J. M. Stovall Call Me a Cab

    What movies have been made about combat reporters? Wasn't there a Burgess Meredeth movie from the 40's about that? Anyone remember any others?
  4. mikepara

    mikepara Practically Family

    Scottish Borders
    Only service cameramen should

    be allowed anywhere near a warzone.
    Too many non-combatants running around shooting everything and editing things to look sexy or contraversal for bucks and awards.

    Everything shot should be censored and if any crimes are commited on camera then the soldiers involved should be dealt with out of the limelight / news.

    Wouldn't have handed the Nazis propaganda on a plate would they? So why's it alright to give Aljazeera it?

    That busy ranting I forgot to thank you for the link. It was great. MP
  5. Marv

    Marv A-List Customer

    I totally agree !:eusa_clap
  6. Hondo

    Hondo One Too Many

    Northern California
    Thanks for the link, I'm still looking for WWII Photographers lapel pins.

    And Burgess Meredeth movie was Errie Pyle, slips my mind, maybe "The Story of G.I. Joe"?

  7. MrBern

    MrBern I'll Lock Up

    freedom of the press

    Youre welcome.
    And I totally disagree. But I wont rant about it.
  8. MrBern

    MrBern I'll Lock Up


    Yes, Burgess Meredith played ErniePyle in TheStory of GIJoe.

    Actually, in Full Metal Jacket, Private Joker became a Stars&Stripes reporter. Remember the scenes of his photographer posing w/ the M-16 & bragging about using his camera or rifle if need be.

    Farrah Fawcett was in a tv movie about WWII photojournalist Margaret Bourke-White.

    Tom Hanks narrated a documentary title Shooting War, about combat cameramen. Thats a must see. The only odd thing is Hanks is sporting the long hillbilly beard he was growing for Castaway.
  9. Dixon Cannon

    Dixon Cannon My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Sonoran Desert Hideaway
    Frankie's House (1992)



    I don't know if anyone has mentioned it, but Errol Flynn's son Sean became a combat photographer. His character is portrayed in this film "Frankie's House". He disappeared in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War and never returned. He had done some acting of his own prior to going over to Vietnam as a freelance photographer.


    -dixon cannon
  10. mikepara

    mikepara Practically Family

    Scottish Borders

    get a hold of 'Over There' DVDs theres a great story of a cameraman inadvertently giving the enemy propaganda but trying to sort it out. Modern but great series.
  11. MrBern

    MrBern I'll Lock Up

    NYT correspondents

    Ah, & lets not forget the account of Dith Pran in The Killing Fields.
    A film about cutting thru the Govt propaganda to reveal the truth about the war.

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