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Cowboy Boots


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Thank you for posting those. Beautiful boots. Please post some detailed shots of the entire boot if you get the chance.

Here's a pair of TL's I recently ran across that, except for the stitch design on the shaft, are identical to a pair that I own. Mine have three rows of stitching, including one row of veriegated thread and a different sort of abstract design. Thanks to a catalog find by @dh66, mine have been dated 1965. I suspect these will fall in the same era. I also posted these to illustrate some of the inbreeding that was taking place between the big three during these times. Look closely at the toe bug of nj's Noconas and these TL's. Also the same as mine.
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I like these a lot - the perfect blend of a bit of bling, but not "too much" for day to day wear.

Classic lines that only Mr. Paul Bond or the Osuna family could pull all together. My style of boot.

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Can’t come up with a PC version of what my wife called them. She liked them too! We were (& still are) big fans of Bob Seger, so I named them my Hollywood Nights boots.

These are something else! I've never seen a pointed toe quite like that before - really distinctive.

As promised: additional pics of my vintage Justin's. The shaft design and the the '3-D' effect of the toe stitching adds the xtra 'appeal' for me...

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Love these. One of the closest I've seen to the pair Meatloaf wore in Rocky Horror Picture Show - a pair of boots I'd love to replicate!
Best version of the Chief ever done.


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I haven't the slightest clue why, but recently I've had a desire to purchase a pair of cowboy boots.

It really doesn't fit with my style, which is exclusively khakis, collared shirt, fedora, but it is one of those itches... :kick:

I am just lucky I haven't happened across my size yet. How bad an idea is it? I was hoping I could depend on The Fedora Lounge to finally convince me not to go through with it and drop the idea all together.

I have them. Love ‘‘em wear ‘‘em in the fall. Work ,dress casual . Pinto Ranch has a fine assortment. eBay generally is good for work or casual. I also do not restrict myself to Cowboys.

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Which are the best cowboy boots?

I want to buy another pair of cowboy boots. I don't want some cheap pair of Made In China, Mexico or India nonsense, but, quality American boots. I've looked at Lucasey (Lucchesi), Nocona and Tony Lama. The Lucasy boots are said to have a patent on the heel so that they don't roll around. They run about $500 or $600. Some of the Nocona boots are exotic skins and are about $200 less. Anyone familiar with cowboy boots and what type of skin is the best? I don't like ostrich.
Try Pinto Ranch. I have had excellent results with them. I believe all or most USA brands. Some fine boots can be had from Mexico. Where they have long tradition of boot making. In fact many American brands use them and hire their boot makers for work her. Black Jack, Rios of Mercedes, Lucchese

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For your first pair you should try Chisos or Los Altos. For the price Los Altos has a nice selection of leathers and toe shapes. I just got back from Austin and went by the big boot store on south congress. It was underwhelming. Heritage boots down the street had great quality boots. Warren Buffett bought up most of the major boot brands. A great majority of cowboy boots are made in Leon, Mexico. I am not a fan with of full quill ostrich, but smooth ostrich and ostrich leg are special. .

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Last November I fell in love with the black boots with ostrich leg and flew out to visit Jim Brainard out side of Denver. He spent literally an hour getting the measurements. When it came time for the first pair, he knew I liked the black glazed elephant, red ostrich leg and the frog/toad leather. I told him to design what he wanted. The boots won first place at the Sheridan leather show. The fit is, amazing. Got to touch base with Jim to discuss the next few pairs of boots.


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For shootin and field work...

I usually only wear em for CAS shooting or field work when I'm down helping out Missouri way. When in Rome right. Besides, why ruin a good pair of shoes when you got boots?

They also have a lace up style that's more like a turn of the century shoe. I wouldn't go dressy when it comes to CB boots, but rather working man.

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I currently have two pairs of cowboy boots (one kangaroo skin and one elk skin) on E-bay for sale. That should tell you what I think of them.


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Mr. Bond did a nice old style wingtip & some of the best stitching ever seen on a boot.
I went to Paul Bond with a pair of shark skin boots to be relast, more material was required at the toe so they warped the toe with a darker color of shark skin simial to the toe of these boots and called the process foxtail

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