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Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by Trenchfriend, Sep 23, 2020.

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    I think, it was end of the 90s, when our Kia Sephia suddenly had a total "twitchy" no-load running and it was tricky to take off.

    My father didn't wait too long and visited our Mitsubishi/Kia service station after two or three days. Our master mechanic then took the compressed air-gun and blew the air intake through.

    After that, the motor ran fine again! Obviously, the throttle valve was filthy by anything.
  2. navetsea

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    East Java
    Kia sephia was adopted in our country as national car and rebranded with local name by the company owned by the son of then long reigning dictator. There was anecdotal joke about it, if a pudding made collition with it at 100kmh, the car would be the one get dented. Hundreds of these newly imported kia were stranded under the sun rusting since then korean brand was seen as badly made car. I'm still driving kia picanto still doing well, probably need new stabilizer as it starts making sound due to our road condition in some part of the neighborhood here.
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