Custom Cossack goat 42/44

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    I commissioned this jacket a couple months ago. I sent him (an Australian tailor) some ideas and pictures of what I wanted and he delivered. My closet is simply too full and I’m parting with this one. The goat hide is extremely soft! Overall this jacket is very well crafted! Measurements are as followed;

    Shoulder to shoulder 20”

    Pit 2 pit 24”

    Back length below collar to hem 26”

    Sleeve length 25”*

    Waist is adjustable from 19.5”- 22.5”

    *note that these are button cuffs which end at the wrist not over the hand.

    Asking $300 plus ship

    Jacket is black! Photos wash out the color making it look brownish, but it is truly black.
    A32EE27D-16FB-44F6-981F-6C23039835A4.jpeg B45B398A-D18F-47D1-B082-FEA79CF69176.jpeg 0576FDD5-ED76-4C25-94F0-81E7DFE84355.jpeg C331857F-476A-4A4E-BDE6-B06F908980BF.jpeg

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  2. Kunja

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    Washington DC Metro
    Looks great!
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  3. Jrolfe

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    Thanks Kunja!

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  4. jonbuilder

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    Redwood City, CA
    where is your jacket located

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