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Dehner Riding Shoes (Lace Jodphurs)

Prairie Shade

A-List Customer
Decent pair I picked up a few months ago and took a chance on size. I lost, maybe you can use them. They are APPROX a Size 91/2-10 Narrow. They are custom riding shoes in Tan Calf with a capped toe, no spur rest. IF I owned them (which I do) and IF they fit (which they dont) I would invest in a re-soling and with care they should last some more years. Checking to leather and the leather sole is thin, but wearable if your the right size. Price: 35.00 Less than .10 cents on the dollar, plus shpg. This is approximately what I paid (bad memory). Email for a picture if your interested!! Hey I could not see the 375.00 new cost, maybe you can!! I would GUESS vintage is 1950's. Check Dehners web site if you havent already!! Good shoes and boots, just pricey