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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by chamboid, Jan 6, 2015.

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    Helping to sell this jacket for a friend. It's a fantastic jacket, but sadly just doesn't fit him. The leather is fantastic, some of the best I has ever seen.


    This is what Dave had to say in a private message about the jacket.

    The jacket in question is the J-21 with chrome tanned, and veg retan horsehide. It includes an original Prentice main zip, original Talon chain zips for all of the pockets, including the left side map pocket.

    This is one of the earlier, 1948 styles that Buco did.

    Construction is standard for the period, including tex 16 black thread and ligne 24 nickel snaps throughout.

    The lining is a 22 oz all wool buffalo plaid in black and red as per originals.

    Separate belt is a veg tanned cowhide in 9 oz weight, with a solid brass buckle plated in nickel.

    The jacket photographed in these two links is the actually jacket in question. Has been tried on once, and is now sitting in the box it was shipped in. It really is a stunner, and Daves work superb, everyone who has seen it is taken aback by the quality of the leather and pure style of the jacket.

    Measurements are:
    Shoulders 17.5"
    Chest underarms 23" (stretched)
    Waist from about belt 20.5" (stretched)
    Sleeve 25.5"
    Front from neck hole zipped up 20.5"
    Back from bottom of collar 23.5"

    Check links believe for more images and info.

    Price £850 shipped UK
    International shipping possible.


    http://www.diamondclothingco.com/#!prod ... co%22-j-21

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  2. chamboid

    chamboid One of the Regulars

    Bump. This is a fantastic jacket throw me some offers

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