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Do women hate men's hats?


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Pittsburgh PA
Gradually this comic-strip hat evolved into the stereotype of the fedora with the brim turned up in the front, which was still a common symbol of dopeyness well into the 1970s. QUOTE]

"I don't depreciate your comment about my hat and my intellect."



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There exists a solution to the conundrum...........'beer goggles' (the increased attractiveness of the opposite sex when one is drunk). Beauty can then exist equitably for all.

I was a living historian for over 20 years-----had the first class impression, counted all the stitches and all that, which later opened up an occasional opportunity in film. I worked at having a good historical impression because it was important to me.
However, I finally left that little hobby because an element began to run rampant, the core of which viewed some others as "less authentic" creating a divide that actually ended friendships. I didn't need it then, I despise it now.
If I have an opinion on it, it is that whatever anyone chooses to wear, it's a personal decision, and whatever one chooses to wear is generally chosen because of how it makes them feel, even when it's impetuous. Who would I be to interfere with that? Who are any of us to.
Whatever article is chosen, whoever wears it and how, should understand that a perception of beauty is subjective - what one person finds beautiful another may not. I find I can live with that. My hope is that others will as well.
My best to all.


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Traverse city
Apparently, Goofy was simply a trend setter decades ahead of his time:


Love Cohen Tall Fedora Hat. :rolleyes:
Pretty sure she ^ is a member here.
I myself, when not at work, wear a pub cap most of the time I am put of the house. I happen to have the sort of hair that needs products and unless I’m going somewhere a hat is inappropriate prefer not to bother. I do match the weight to the season.

Tiki Tom

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Oahu, North Polynesia
Sometimes a beret is just the thing... when it’s windy and cold and a fedora would blow off... or if it’s cold and I’m wearing my trench coat and a fedora would be a little OTT. Shrugs. Not uncommon over here. I promise not to wear ‘em after we retire to my wife’s home town in Hawaii.


New in Town
As to the question, do women hate men's hats? Well, I think it depends on the woman and her friends (we are all influenced by the people around us).

There are some who belong to a "subculture" that will wear a hat, usually a fedora, with just about anything. With Birkenstock sandals, socks, shorts and a tee shirt. Often these will be adolescent boys who have grown a neck-beard. I have seen many men and women mention that they don't like this look. This look has actually become a meme.

I think frowning upon this look or combination of attire may fall under the heading: wear what is appropriate for an occasion. An extreme example would be like wearing a Speedo to the Opera. When you see a person wearing the aforementioned attire, it is hard to understand what he is trying to communicate about himself. Where is he going? He is wearing a (hopefully) nice fedora, is he going out to eat? The cut off short-shorts, is he going to play Volleyball? Those saddles, is he going to see the Grateful Dead or Phish? However the man is probably not trying to communicate anything but trying to figure out himself, what he likes, and influence his standing in his peer group and in the word in general.

Unfortunately, I think the above picture of a man wearing a hat (like a fedora) has influenced popular culture greatly. Thus, I think this has influenced many women's opinion of a man wearing a fedora.

That being said, many creative types can get away with it because they are creative (and rich): Johnny Depp, Run DMC (or were those more bowlers?), Usher, Justin Beiber, and I think there is a guy named Happy or something that wears a rather large fedora. OH, Lil Nas X wears a cowboy hat. All of the above look good in their hats.

But often, when a younger man wears a hat, if he is wearing certain clothes or a lot of bling, others may mistake him for trying to be link their favorite rapper or singer or actor. However, the person may just like the "look" and by wearing that is communicating what he considers "cool" or what he thinks he looks good in.

Funny thing is, often (mature men, not the one's I still see some men in their 40's dressing like their six year old son) men who are in their mid 20's on, are usually wearing a hat like a fedora because they like it. They are wearing it because they WANT to. They think they look good in it and thus they feel good about themselves. This feeling is communicated to people. I think this is the root of the old saying "you wear the hat, don't let the hat wear you."

It has been my experience with younger adolescent women that often they choose a boyfriend because of the influence of their friends. If she is dating someone that everyone things is a "good catch," and is handsome and has money, then she is more likely to WANT to date him. Compare this to what her friends and family would think if she was dating a guy who was a drinker, no money, no job, etc...

I think adolescent women are more likely to tease one of their peer group if she is dating a man with a hat. This will make the dating experience with the guy with the hat less enjoyable. The teasing may go something like this "Oh you can't come out to the club with us on Saturday night? Do you hate a date with HAT MAN?"

Of course this teasing may not happen if she was dating a rich, famous guy with a hat -- say a young Johnny Depp.

As women get a little more mature, and lean what they like and don't like in a man, a man in a hat could have no effect on her desires, good effect, or bad effect. I also think they can tell the difference between when a man is wearing a hat and when the hat is wearing the man. If the man is wearing the hat, I think this shows confidence, a sense of identity, and will most like accentuate his looks and desirability.

Of course this is baring any life trauma that has compelled her to associate wearing a hat with something negative or evil. YMMV


I'll Lock Up
vancouver, canada
Sometimes a beret is just the thing... when it’s windy and cold and a fedora would blow off... or if it’s cold and I’m wearing my trench coat and a fedora would be a little OTT. Shrugs. Not uncommon over here. I promise not to wear ‘em after we retire to my wife’s home town in Hawaii.
In Canada our winter 'go to'...even in Quebec....is not the beret but a toque or watch cap.

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