do you have names for meals? like a Nickname for special dishes?

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    4 or 5 avocado. 1 or 2 tomato. 1 or 2 lime. Depending on size of the fruit. Whiz it up in the food chopper machine. Growing up, we always called it avocado spread. We put it on toast. That was the base. You could literally put anything else on top of it. Ham. Cheese. Poached egg. Fig. Mango. Roast beef. Duck breast. Purple onion. Greek yogurt. Grapes.


    Today, avocado toast is a luxury item.

    The Garden (at the Four Seasons) – $31
    [​IMG]Photograph: Courtesy Google Images

    And, finally, we have crossed the $30 threshold for a menu item that consists primarily of mashed avocado on a piece of bread: The most expensive avocado toast (that we can find) in New York City is here, at The Garden at the Four Seasons Hotel, for $31.

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