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do your view on clothes change after covid?

TLW '90

Practically Family
The Fauci flu didn't change anything about how I dress, but the whole pandemic didn't really effect me much at all.


New in Town
Early in covid days, I quickly moved to sticks, I moved from wearing khaki's, dress shirt, sport coat, oxford/chukkas etc for work, to, tough clothing for activity specific need (hunt, fish, manual labor etc). My views didn't necessarily change but 'needs' changed.


I'll Lock Up
If anything, it made me appreciate wearing nice clothes even more. I work in a field in which I can basically wear whatever I want every day. As such, I wear leather jackets basically every day that I can. It's great.

Benny Holiday

My Mail is Forwarded Here
Sydney Australia
Post-covid, the supposed official inflation rate is 7%, and yet my car registration, insurance, council rates, utlitities bills and groceries are up 20%; maybe the government can't do basic mathematics. Then you've got mortgage rates driving people to the edge of poverty. Anyway, my wife and I are lucky to still be feeding our family let alone buying leather jackets and other stuff. All the charities I used to be able to help still come a-knocking but are told the well has run well and truly dry.

The World Health Organisation, whom our Canberra overlords are so interesting in handing our sovereignty over to in the event of another pandemic, have just stated that they want the world to institute a world-wide vaccine passport ready for the 'next pandemic'. Watch out for 2025. I remember the days when I looked forward to getting a nice new suit or leather jacket, but they seem a long time ago now.


One Too Many
The Barbary Coast
I remember the days when I looked forward to getting a nice new suit or leather jacket, but they seem a long time ago now.

I haven't bought a new suit in over a decade. As an American, I don't really buy a "suit of clothes". I shopped at Brooks Brothers. Where I bought the pants and jackets separately. I got a better fit that way. As long as I didn't care that it was the basic Brooks Brothers blue jacket, which matched the blue pants, and I could also wear it with grey flannel pants. All of which was worn with a Brooks Brothers button down shirt.

I say shopped, as in past tense. I will shop there again, when I need a new jacket, pants, or shirt. The truth is that I have been able to wear the same clothes for several decades. I haven't gotten any fatter. I've always been a fat ba***rd. But stayed the same size. I'm afraid of losing weight, because I can't afford a new wardrobe.

I'm in a coat and tie in the post-Covid world, about as much as before. Only for court. In my area, you still have to go in. They won't let you enter a plea of "not guilty", from your living room via Zoom conference. In case the judge wants the bailiff to remand you, they can't do that over Zoom. I'll leave it to your imagination to decide, if I'm posting this from the computer lab behind bars.

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