Dobbs Twenty - Gay Prince

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Signor Duke, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. Signor Duke

    Signor Duke Familiar Face

    Portland, Oregon
    Not sure what to do with this hat...
    I love it, but it sits in the closet and ought to see more use.
    It is after all, a well worn hat - Cool as all get out none the less.

    It's a Dobbs Twenty, and every bit a Gay Prince without the Sweatband Stamp.
    Whip Stitching on Brim Front is Frayed, as is Whip Stitch at Bow area.
    Sweatband is soft and supple, Liner and Hat are clean.
    Reed's got some pecking, small hole at the Crown Pinch, but really it's just a great hat.
    Color is a nice evenly faded Brown.

    She's broke in and wants for a Fishing or Road Trip.
    How about $75 shipped.
    IMG_5683.jpg IMG_5684.jpg IMG_5685.jpg IMG_5686.jpg IMG_5687.jpg IMG_5688.jpg IMG_5689.jpg IMG_5690.jpg IMG_5691.jpg IMG_5692.jpg
  2. Héctor Fernández

    Héctor Fernández One Too Many

    Greatest Country, U.S.A.
    That's definitely a working man hat [emoji106][emoji106] Good luck with the sale.

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  3. Blare

    Blare Call Me a Cab

    This is about how mine looked when it arrived... with the exception of the hole in the crown. How unfortunate. These have such an amazing feel to them.

    Well.... Definitely makes for a good fishing/expedition hat!


    ——— EVERY Day is HAT Day!!

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  4. Signor Duke

    Signor Duke Familiar Face

    Portland, Oregon
    This one is traded.
    Thank you
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