Dobbs Westward Vintage Fedora Sz 7?

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Prairie Shade, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. Prairie Shade

    Prairie Shade A-List Customer

    Howdy Members; I recently purchased on Ebay one of THE hats I have been looking for. Problem is, the size was misrepresented. I decided to just keep it and look at it for a few days. Unfortunately, I do not have room for trophies. So, I went ahead and listed it on Ebay Item #8330613117. Its really a NICE hat and if I was certain I could stretch it, I would have kept it, but.......If your looking for a great hat, and you can wear it. I guess its yours if you want to bid.
  2. Kilgour Trout

    Kilgour Trout One of the Regulars

    Thunder Bay, ON
    Very nice

    Hey Prairie: I went over to take a look and was impressed. I was just wondering the true colour as it looks like a creamy tan. I'm a size 7 (about 22 inches around) and am interested. I'm also wondering if one put a bigger ribbon the small spot or moth bite would be covered?

    I'll be watching this one for sure.

    Warm Regards
    Kilgour Trout
  3. Prairie Shade

    Prairie Shade A-List Customer

    Good Evening!! Well, Im looking at it right now and its almost what I would call a Silver Belly but with a LITTLE tan in it (cream right!). The spot on the front of the crown is just about as visible as you can see in the picture. Its no moth bite, just a speck that I would try and remove and BELIEVE would come out with the old vinegar and water trick(?) if I werent selling it. DAMN I hate to do this!!!! I just made a pact that I would not collect hats that didnt fit. I am also afraid of ruining a very nice vintage hat by trying to crank it up to 7 3/8. As a reference point, I have a vintage Dobbs 20 that is a 7 1/4 and it fits just a TAD looser. The box it came in says 7 - Silver Belly. But it is a Stetson box, so I dont know if they belong with each other or not. When did Stetson aquire Dobbs? I think this hat definately predates the 1960's. I was REALLY looking forward to this hat and almost passed out when I opened the box. I came to when I put it on my head. Oh well, Im still searching for that Borsalino!!!!!!!!

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