Does Aero make the most `Period-Correct' B-3 Jacket?

Discussion in 'WWII' started by mattmiller1973, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. mattmiller1973

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    I'm looking for the most `period-correct' B-3 jacket that I can possibly find.

    Reason: my grandfather flew a B-24 in the second World War out of Horsham St. Faith (458th Bomb Group, 755th Bomb Squadron) and was shot down over Boppard, Germany before being transferred to Stalag Luft 3. I'd like to try and get something as close as I can to what he would have worn.

    This is the clearest picture I can find so far of the men in that squadron wearing their sheepskins:

    Also, I really like the USAAF insignias seen on the 50 cal and the cockpit 100 mission sleeves. It would be great if I could get his Bomb Squad insignia on the other shoulder, and I seem to remember having seen that option somewhere.

    Note: I couldn't decide whether to post this here or in the Outerwear forum, so I posted it in both -- hope that's ok? Thanks for your help! Love this forum.

    P.S. Here's picture of my grandfather, as well, Lt. Col. Frederick Wehrle Wright:

    Check out that crusher! --Matt
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  2. Kennyz

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    Thanks for posting the photo's of your Grandfather, mattmiller1973 - boy, he certainly cut a dashing figure!

    Regarding the the most "period correct" B-3... I'm not an expert but I think Eastman Leather and Goodwear Leather would be in the running as well, along with Aero.

    Some members here know their stuff about this subject. The person who really comes to my mind as an expert is John Lever...he's super knowledgeable about B-3's (and vintage leather jackets overall).



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