Does Schott have a covid discount code?

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by jacketjunkie, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. jacketjunkie

    jacketjunkie One Too Many

    I believe I have received an email a good while back but cannot find it and then ofcourse I wouldn't know whether it still applies.. anyone knows?

    They currently have two three models I like a lot:

    A suede Perfecto:

    A work coat in nubuck which has a nice vtg styling and rugged appearance:

    and last, a somewhat HWM clone with a shearling collar. They may have taken notes from Tony, they moved up the side straps roughly 3". :D
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  2. Hh121

    Hh121 Call Me a Cab

    yes, 25% off, washurhands, expired at end of the April.
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  3. roadking04

    roadking04 Practically Family

    The Rock 'n Roll Capital
    Exactly what double h said. Legendary had a 15%off code that ran thru Labor day. I do believe they run a 10 or 15% off around black Friday. I just ordered one. It sucks to miss out on the deals, but it sucks to wait also. lol.
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  4. KissMyMuscle

    KissMyMuscle One of the Regulars

    Does Schott usually have black friday sales? Thinking about picking a cafe racer.
  5. Hh121

    Hh121 Call Me a Cab

    yes, they had 15% off at last year.
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  6. stmike

    stmike One of the Regulars

    Pasadena California
    Whenever I've gone into a Schott company store and am interested in a jacket, they'll always offer me a 15% discount. But I do have to ask.
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  7. David Hilliard

    David Hilliard New in Town

    I bought that last one last week. The Rancher. But mine says Perfecto on neck tab. Also a picture of a Steer. Must be Steerhide‍♂️ Anyway it’s a fantastic jacket. Heavy weight leather.
    I have a Schott 135 model too in a large,so I bought the 596 in a large also. I’m in Ireland by the the way so no way to try on. 135 fits perfectly, 596 not as well. Snug. But wearable. Schnees have it now at $772 that’s where I bought it. It’s top quality. Oh and the colour is darker than in the Schott site pictures.

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