Eastman ELC Roughwear 1041P size 46

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    It is time to move this jacket on. I have had it for about 3.5 years having purchased directly from ELC and it has not really been worn for the past year or so since I got a RMNZ A2 which I favour the fit of.

    The ELC 1401P is in beautiful broken in condition as can be seen below. This horsehide on this has wonderful grain and is developing nice patina now. measurements are standard for an ELC 46, taken today:
    P2PF - 23.5"
    P2PB - 24"
    Length - 23.5" (base of collar stand to bottom of knit)
    Shoulders - 20"
    Sleeve - 24.5" (straight line from shoulder to cuff)

    I am 6'2" and about 210lb and this jacket fits me well. I just prefer the RMNZ feel and I only need one A2 in my life.

    There is a small hole developing on one knit cuff but nothing major (see photo).

    Price: £600 shipped in the UK, $900 shipped to USA, €750 shipped to EU, payment by paypal F&F.
    IMG_5609.jpg IMG_5613.jpg

    IMG_5611.jpg IMG_5610.jpg IMG_5612.jpg

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    To the top
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    Gorgeous leather

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