ebay Japan replica leather jackets?

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by an3ony, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. an3ony

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  2. ton312


    Look very similar to those sold on Ali express.
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    If it's the seller I'm thinking of, they offer a jacket that looks like the pattern for the Freewheelers Railroad Switchyard jacket. I asked about it, and they said that they were a maker for a noted brand, and sold these jackets without labels for about 30% of what they go for with the label. So I inquired if they could tell me if they used Shinki HH in the ones they sold without label, and was told no. I pressed and asked could they do shinki at a higher price, and again was told no, they can't source it at sll. Which, right there tells me something isn't right. If they're the same people who produce a jacket that FW puts their labels on, how can they make shinki jackets for FW and yet be unable to source it at all? I call BS. So, at best these are knockoffs made by the same people (maybe, if you believe that) but with cheaper materials (which for all I know may still be decent materials for the price). I haven't bit, but they do look nice. Whether you get anything that looks like the photos may be another story.
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    I'd be wary. Lack of any labelling on them or attempt to brand them seems odd, and reminiscent of the copyists based in India and Pakistan (minus the open and flagrant abuse of the likes of Aero's TMs). There's no guarantee that the jackets in the photos are the actual product. THey're certainly not made in Japan - not only the absence of a name Japanese brand suggests this, but the price. About 25-30% of most of the Japanese labels that might be known here; at that price, I would be fairly certain that you are getting a Chinese-made jacket being sold on by a reseller. Which likely means that it's a much cheaper jacket again (I've seen another online seller who have jackets made in Asia and then sell them for three times the price that the factory who makes them sells an identical jacket for, so there's no guarantee you're getting a £300 jacket). Not to say that Chinese manufacture is necessarily bad in and of itself, just that there is no guarantee you wouldn't be drastically overpaying for what you are getting.

    The last thing that makes me wary - and certainly suggests that this is a purely retail operation buying in stuff from elsewhere- is that if you look at the feedback history for the seller, it looks like only relatively recently did they get into selling leather jackets - which are suddenly now all they are offering. Many, many feedback entries prior to that are wrt sales of action figures at a much lower unit price.

    Now, I'm not saying this person is necessarily on the take or out to rip you off, but all things considered I don't think this is the "equivalent of Aero / ELMC / w.h.y. at half the price!" that a lot of folks would love it to be. Without *much* more information, I wouldn't risk it myself.
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  5. Blackadder

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    Cheapest place for this exact jacket is Taobao then Aliexpress. Hefty premium buying this on ebay and Yahoo Auction Japan.
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    Definitely drop shipped or similar from somewhere like Aliexpress the jackets and pics appear to be indentical, go buy it from Aliexpress and pay 1/2 the price this guys charging, don’t go expecting Aero type quality though you get what you pay for

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