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End of Manual-Transmission Era - Honda Accord


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I wish Ford would bring back the 1926 - ‘27 Tall T with their 3.50L Coyote engine & 4-wheel disc brakes, but it ain’t gonna happen. They call that progress in the name of safety.

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I live in the vain hope that at some point we'll have the perfect combination of something with a "vintage look" that actually does look vintage (as opposed to a jellymould that sort of replicates a vintage shape if you really squint and cross your eyes.... Yes, Volkswagen, I'm talking about you here), but is either electric or hydrogen fuel cell powered. The latter seems in some ways better than electric, though there's even less provision for refuelling points. I imagine, as ever, we'll see the format wars winner being what is better for the business end, rather than the better tech. (Otherwise, VHS would have been Betamax...).

Funny thing, though, when I drove - which I avoided like the plague, as I hated it - I preferred the manual by far. Only thing that made me more antsy than an autobox was power steering. Totally hated the combo of both - never felt properly in control of the car at all.


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Interesting thread. In 2012 my old Honda had a quarter million miles, so it was time for a new car. I knew I wanted a manual and first look to Hondas, but I didn't care for the ones I test drove at the time. They'd lost some of their fun.

I looked at some entry-level luxury brands, as I was finally in a position to afford one, and almost convinced myself to buy a BMW328i, but then I test drove a Mazda 3 and bought that instead. I still have it.

As much as I love driving the manual, though, I'm increasingly conscious of the environmental costs, even though mine is more reasonable than many (including the current version of the same model). I'm also not driving nearly as much as I used to.

So now I'm thinking my last manual car will also be my last gasoline one.

But I'm hoping to keep the Mazda for a while yet and using other modes of transportation when I can. I've also become more of a bicycle geek. I'd like to be able to use the bike for more everyday things, but that's pretty risky as I need to go on rural US state highways about everywhere. I recently got my motorcycle endorsement, but don't have a motorcycle, and am interested to see how e-motorcycles evolve.


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My last manual transmission car was a 2004 Mini Cooper S. It had a six speed and was great fun to drive. The turbo charger made it even better and more fun. Alas, those days are behind us as arthritis prevented us from entering and exiting the car. Traded away for a Mazda CX-5 which is much easier to enter and exit.
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