Extra Extra Vanzina - Pavia size 57 cm. or 7 "Alpestre"

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    Extra Extra Vanzina - Pavia size 57 cm. or 7 US NEW Old Stock
    Nalpestre 1.jpg
    The brother of "Uranio". Here another splendid hat produced by Vanzina during the Borsalino management.
    Alpestre 4.jpg
    It has a brother of the same shape in which the color of the felt and the texture of the ribbon change. Brim up and a more warm color of felt in different light
    Nalpestre 2.jpg
    The dimensions are as follows: the brims are over sewn and are 5 cm long. the ribbon is 4 cm. and the bashed crown is 10 cm.
    Alpestre 5.jpg
    Green felt has a color called "Alpestre" and the ribbon is "Ella 11"
    Nalpestre 4.jpg
    The felt is finished with short hair and is quite firm, but very malleable. No more felt like this in the contemporary hatmakers
    Alpestre interno.jpg
    The cost of the hat is €80 or $ 90
    Shipping prices vary according to the country to be reached. Ask for the exact rate indicating where the hat should be delivered. For further information or photographs, do not hesitate to ask.
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