Fedora hats are rarely sexy - or so does she think...

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Torpedo, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. Torpedo

    Torpedo One Too Many

    Barcelona (Spain)
  2. Hereward

    Hereward One of the Regulars

    London, England
    Avoid women with this opinion would be my advice. My wife loves me in a fedora and was the one who encouraged me to try them out in the first place.
  3. Edward

    Edward Bartender

    London, UK
    I'm impressed she manages to function at all if her head is truly wedged as far up her own rectum as this suggests. lol Wish I'd read her biog first - "recovering feminist" indeed.... any woman who considers being a feminist as something undesirable is unlikely to be someone who produces an opinion worth the reading, IMFNSHO. ;)
  4. Pompidou

    Pompidou One Too Many

    Plainfield, CT
    I think the article is a useful read. After all, we have regular stories about our myriad of hecklers from day to day. Very few of them feature an antagonist who fully articulates his/her rationale. If a person doesn't like what I wear, I want to know why. Usually I go on doing what I do, but every once in a while, even a heckler has a core of truth. In this article, she really drives home the idea of head shapes and angles and whatnot. While I do think the core of the argument is BS - that hats almost never look good, I think if a person is going to wear a hat, keeping in mind some of the pitfalls that hat haters notice most would be useful - a nice heads up.

    EDIT: RE: Recovering feminist - My conclusion is that the author took the worst of feminism as the core of feminism and saw it as something to run away from. There's productive feminism and there's man hating. I suspect she's recovered from the latter. It's a shame the latter shares the same label as the set of ideals that achieved the great strides in equality. She does similar disservice to hat wearers in the article itself, in my opinion. There are a lot of people who wear hats in a way the majority might not find flattering. I wonder if there's more unflattering hat use than flattering - an argument could be made. Nonetheless, it's not an issue of men in hats. That's too simple, and nothing's ever simple. Anyone can look good in a hat. The key is finding the right one. While she does acknowledge that briefly, it's largely overshadowed by the bigger "Fedoras pretty much never look good, ever" argument she works so hard to drive home.
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  5. Edward

    Edward Bartender

    London, UK
    I find as I get older, I'm less offended by articles like that... more indifferent.... It just reads more to me like someone who has a petty obsession with some element of fashion that displeases them, and feels the need to push it on everyone else. Actually, any worse and she'd be.... well, me discussing that species of grown man who insist on wearing short trousers. :p lol

    TBH, within reason, I'd much rather trust my own judgement on whether a hat suited me or not than that of someone who so clearly doesn't like hats at all, even if there is (almost by chance, as it seems) a small glimmer of something sensible buried in amongst the nonsense.

    As to the other thing..... 'man-hating' has never equated to feminism, even if it has long suited the enemies of the latter to paint it in such terms.... alas, with rather too much success. :(
  6. ph33nyx

    ph33nyx New in Town

    I read this the other day when I was researching hats (before I joined this forum). The first thought I had was "What is she smoking?". Personally I think hats bring out a certain confidence in a man. That's the whole reason I started looking into them!
  7. azshawn

    azshawn Familiar Face

    Chandler, AZ
    The internet is full of these experts. I find that free opinions are often worth what you pay for them, of course it's also just an opinion. As long as our wives, girlfriends, partners, etc don't agree there is no problem.
  8. Steveb1

    Steveb1 Familiar Face

    Baltimore Area
    Just another womans opinion. Notice the underlying theme is whether or not women like men's Fedoras. Typical female mentality, it's all about me. Well guess what darlin', my hat is about me not about you.
  9. She makes the point of looking "sexy" in a hat. Well, at my age and married status, the only woman I care to impress with sexiness is my wife. If I was a young stud, I MIGHT care, but I also think there are plenty of gals out there that like men in hats. Matter of fact, I have had several young ladies compliment my headgear. Now they didn't say I looked "sexy", but hey, I'll take what I can get!

    I say to each his/her own.
  10. Neophyte

    Neophyte My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Chattanooga, TN
    lol lol lol

    I remember when this article was posted in the "What We Have to Put Up With" thread! Even now it is still a humorous piece of work (or lack thereof) :).
  11. moonmatrix

    moonmatrix Familiar Face

    utica ny
    Not all women share this opinion nor is it all women's mentality. I love my guy in a hat and I like all men in proper hats. Baseball caps on the other hand need to go in the trash.
  12. Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange I'll Lock Up

    Hudson Valley, NY
    She's a flaming a-hole - who cares what she thinks? There's more to life than being sexy, though I'm not surprised that somebody who admittedly lives for fashion - the most superficial, ephemeral, idiotic waste of time and money ever invented - doesn't have the sense to realize that not everyone is obsessed with "being sexy".

    Guess what: someday she will be passe and pathetic too!

    We hat folk have to stand our ground against this nonsense...
  13. thor

    thor One Too Many

    NYC, NY
    Clothing in general is a matter of personal choice; if everyone wore what was considered fashionable and trendy, we'd all look the same, slaves to the latest fad.

    IMHO, the short-brimmed fedoras being worn by today's hipsters and hollywood/music industry fashionistas look atrocious! REAL fedoras look great on any man bold enough to wear one (Humphrey Bogart, Harrison Ford, or, more recently, "Mad Men" actor Jon Hamm).

    As for the original blog author and "recovering feminist" Isabella Snow, I will quote Mr. Harrison Ford in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" as his character argued with Alison Doody's "Dr. Elsa Schneider": "Who gives a DAMN what you think!"

    And her casual reference to caucasians as "whitey" was repulsive!
  14. MarkD

    MarkD One of the Regulars

    She probably likes baseball caps....

    I put very little credence in her opinion since I know differently from first hand experience. I get way more looks and nice comments (even hit on) than I did before I started wearing a fedora and dressing like a gentleman.
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  15. Bebop

    Bebop Practically Family

    Sausalito, California
    Obviously she is into what is hip and trendy and not really into being an individual. She is correct that you should not wear a hat if you want to look like everyone else or do what her version of "good looking" does. I have no idea who she is so her opinion is as invalid to me as any other trend setting, fashion experts opinion. It reminds me of that show with the 5 gay guys (can't come up with the name!) that thought they could tell straight guys what to wear, how to shave, what to eat, how to talk, what to like. :eek:fftopic: One of the biggest insults ever to the gay and straight community.

    She probably has strong opinions about mens beards, their clothes, hair, cars, eyeglasses. You name it. She will complain about it and tell you what she doesn't like. I think I was married to her back in the 70's. :eusa_doh:
  16. Mobile Vulgus

    Mobile Vulgus One Too Many

    I never thought of fedoras as "sexy" before. I thought of them as "cool." As to "recovering feminist," that is always a good thing. Feminism is one of the worst aspects of the 20th century.
  17. Fletch

    Fletch I'll Lock Up

    Old. And. Busted.


    12 pages of busted. Everybody flip thru and see if someone hasn't said what you have in mind.

    Yeah, blast that dagblasted 19th Amendment! All it did was give us Warren Harding and flappers. lol
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2010
  18. Mulceber

    Mulceber Practically Family

    Ann Arbor, Michigan
    That's going too far - I can agree that some of the more radical strains of it are just as bad as the misogynists they fight, but I see nothing wrong with the notion that women should be given legal and social rights equal to men. -M
  19. ScionPI2005

    ScionPI2005 Call Me a Cab

    Bremerton, Washington
    How entertaining. I'll be sure to avoid potential mates who think like her.

    Also, I don't know why, but half the photos would not load for me. They were all the ones of celebrities without hats on...
  20. Edward_Lindey

    Edward_Lindey One of the Regulars

    It's my hat and it dosent really matter what she thinks. If it upsets her that much then she can avoid looking at me.


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