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Discussion in 'Hats' started by fedoralover, May 31, 2007.

  1. fedoralover

    fedoralover Call Me a Cab

    Great Northwest
    Wandering through Goodwill the other day I spotted a food weight scale that was small enough to measure grams. I was always curious about how much some of my hats weighed in comparison from one to another, so for only 50 cents I figured it was worth the investment. I thought some of you would be interested to see the results. Now I can't say this scale is calibrated to be 100% correct but it does show the differences between the hats.

    I didn't weigh all of my hats but here are few to compare starting with the lightest going to the heaviest.

    3 different Stetson Playboys all weighed: 80 grams each

    Brown Borsalino: 90 grams

    Black Borsalino: 100 grams

    Gray Borsalino: 100 grams

    London Gray Optimo: 110 grams

    Gray Stratoliner: 120 grams

    A different style of Stetson Playboy: 120 grams

    Dobbs 20: 130 grams

    Gray Whippet: 135 grams

    Brown Stratoliner: 140 grams (interesting that it's a lot heavier than the gray one)

    Stetson Imperial Open Road: 140 grams

    Stetson 25 Open Road: 145 grams

    Black Adventurebilt: 150 grams

    Midnight Blue Art Fawcett custom: 150 grams

    and the real heavy weight was a
    Pearl Blue Mallory 20: 160 grams, which was no surprise as the brim is 2 7/8ths and the crown is just at 6 inches.

  2. Mr. Rover

    Mr. Rover One Too Many

    The Center of the Universe
    Can you feel the difference between the 90 gram Borsalino and the 110 gram Optiomo on your head?
  3. Interesting thread. Here's some others for comparison . . . All are size 7 with approximately the same dimensions.

    Blue Stetson 123g

    3X Beaver brown Stetson 120g

    Grey Whippet 126g

    Brown Whippet 122g

    Green Playboy 120g

    Borsalino Marque Grand Luxe Plush 118g

    Borsalino "Misto" 90g

    Knox Tom 'N' Jerry 108g

    Grey Barbisio long hair 127g

    Black Mossant 102g

    Black Moretton ~90g

    Brown Ferd Meister 98g

    Mallory Homburg 127g

    Pink Portis 126.5g

    Black 1920s Stetson 96g

    Brown Adam 134g

    Stetson Stratoliner 113g

    Grey Penney's Marathon 106g

    White Borsalino 107g

    Brown Lee 128g

    bk 52500g
  4. J.B.

    J.B. Practically Family


    hm. Must be a summer-weight?!

    The J.B. model tips in at a svelte 122470g. [​IMG]
  5. fedoralover

    fedoralover Call Me a Cab

    Great Northwest
    Not Really, both are very light. But you can with the Stetson Playboys. I'm curious what a Stetson Bantam weight fedora would weigh, does anyone have one?

  6. Joel Tunnah

    Joel Tunnah Practically Family

    Brooklyn, NY
    I guess the 100% beaver is heavier than the rabbit mixes used in vintage hats?

    And I see that Art's new lightweight is the same exact weight as your three Playboys. Right on target! :eusa_clap

    What I wonder is how much a modern lightweight dress hat like the Borsalino Astuccio weighs.

  7. Razzman

    Razzman One Too Many

    South of Boston
    The 140g hats feel heavy, you can actually tell the felt is denser/thicker. At least it seems that way to me. What is the actual weight of the felt at the start, prior to the finished product with a liner, a leather sweatband, ribbon and brim binding, and also a wind trolley? All these items add some weight to the hat even if miniscule.
    brown Mallory 10 2 5/8" brim 120g (7 1/4)
    gray Mallory thin ribbon 2 1/4" brim 95g (7 1/4)

    brown Royal Stetson 2 3/8" brim 115g (7 1/4)
    fawn Stetson Chatham 2 3/8" brim 120g (7 1/4)

    gray Adam Pace setter 2 1/2" brim 95g (7 3/8)
    olive brown Adam 2 5/8" brim 140g (7 1/4)

    fawn Portis 2 1/2" brim 140g (7 1/4)
    brown Portis 2 1/2" brim 135g (7 3/8)

    sand Dobbs Forty almost 2 1/2" brim 135g (7 1/4)

    black Lee Adventure 2 1/2" brim 95g (7 1/4)

    gray Trimble 2 3/4" brim 105g (7 3/8)

    gray Penney's Marathon 2 5/8" brim 130g (7 3/8)
  8. duggap

    duggap Banned

    Chattanooga, TN
    Joel, I don't have a way to weight the Astuccio but mine is very light. Remember that it is a rollable hat with a cloth sweatband which may make it a bit lighter. I should receive my new lightweight from Art today or tomorrow and I will be curious to see how it compares to the new Borso I have.
  9. Mr. Rover

    Mr. Rover One Too Many

    The Center of the Universe
    Aish! I can hardly wear my AB these days- it's so heavy! I know it's advertised as an Indiana Jones hat, but man- Indy could never have worn this in Cairo without sweating bullets!
  10. Art Fawcett

    Art Fawcett Sponsoring Affiliate

    Central Point, Or.
    Interesting thread Rich,

    When sending out Douglas's new Tropic-Aire ( featherweight) shown in another thread I weighed it on a postal scale and with no liner it was 2.8 oz. equating to 79.37 grams. With liner, 3.2 oz. = 90 grams. I've never weighed vintage hats so it's interesting to know where I'm at with this.
  11. EricH

    EricH One of the Regulars

    Twin Cities, MN
    Interesting idea indeed. But what about subtracting out for the ribbon weight to make sure its accurate. I mean think how much weight you save if you choose a thin ribbon. :rolleyes:
  12. fedoralover

    fedoralover Call Me a Cab

    Great Northwest
    Interesting point, I happened to have a 2 inch wide ribbon that I had taken off of another hat, so I weighed it and it was 1 gram. A thin ribbon would weigh next to nothing, so a wide ribbon would add some weight but not much.


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