Feeling Moody and Down? What do you do?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by PS, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. PS

    PS A-List Customer

    Having one of those nights. Home alone with my babies while my husband enjoys having a babysitter, my best friend lives 2 hours away and is working night shift and having issues with the other best friend..........just feeling lousy.

    What do you lovely ladies do when when it feels like too much? I am already dressed up...hoping it'd make me feel better but seems to having the opposite effect! LOL![huh]
  2. Liz

    Liz Registered User

    Watch an old movie! I had a really bad week last week, so I sat down and watched Gold Diggers of 1933...I felt so much better afterwards! :)
  3. Fancy Mouse

    Fancy Mouse Familiar Face

    I like to watch an old movie, too. His Girl Friday usually cheers me up. Or Charade. I also like to paint my nails and eat chocolate to cheer myself up. I'm a walking stereotype. lol Sometimes a few minutes of exercise - skipping or aerobics or something can be distracting., too, and pep me up. Hope you feel better.
  4. hepkitten

    hepkitten One of the Regulars

    Portland, Oregon
    I third the notion of old movies. Also historical (but not necessarily old) like Pride & Prejudice (BBC version), Last of the Mohicans, etc. I find eye candy soothing...Colin Firth, Daniel Day Lewis -- yow! And -- this is a must -- something mindlessly indulgent to go with it. Cheese popcorn is my fave.

    Another thing I've done is write a letter to a friend. I often don't end up mailing it, but getting thoughts down on paper to someone sympathetic is hugely comforting. The popcorn goes well with this, too.

    Sending good thoughts your way...
  5. Viola

    Viola Call Me a Cab

    NSW, AUS
    I find working out helps change my outlook. Just taking a little walk, or going to the park is very comforting, the fresh air and sunlight and the smell of live plants. I also tend to mix up "going to the park" with "going to the plant nursery/Home Depot and spending too much money" but that's my own problem. :)

    And there's worse coping techniques than gardening and houseplants, I figure.

    Then I take a long, long, hot-hot shower. With the pretty-smelling shower gel.
  6. sweetfrancaise

    sweetfrancaise Practically Family

    Southern California
    Make yourself a pot of nice, hot tea (or hot chocolate--whatever makes you feel warm and yummy), toast an English muffin, and listen to some good music. I'll usually have a good cry, but then I feel much better, and find a solution out of the problem. Take time out to call your best friend too! My closest friends live far too far to see them more than a few times a year (one in San Francisco, the other in Scotland), so I usually grab the phone and have a nice chat to remind myself that I'm not alone.
  7. Miss Sis

    Miss Sis One Too Many

    Try channeling your frustration into something like baking a cake. Plus you get a treat at the end of it. :)

    Don't recommend sewing things though. When you feel like that, you usually end up making too many mistakes and feel worse.
  8. pennycarrol

    pennycarrol A-List Customer

    France, UK
    When I'm in a melancholy mood, I put a song that I love and I drink a glass of wine! After I phone to one of my best friends and I tell him my little problems! lol! I always feel better after! Or maybe I'd prepare an improvised dinner and invite some friends ... In general we forget all the hassles of daily life when the mood is festive!
  9. wedding belle

    wedding belle Familiar Face

    Bedfordshire, England
    pastry or brownie making

    both are reasonably fool - proof so I'm less likely to throw them at the wall! or for those really crap days - hubby will make me dinner open some wine and say talk!

    I get to burble around in circles - he listens and usually by the end of it I have a plan of action :) (btw - I know that I'm very, very fortunate )
  10. LizzieMaine

    LizzieMaine Bartender

    I get terrible seasonal depression myself, so I can sympathize -- November and December are especially difficult for me to get thru. Like the other gals suggest, it's good to look for distractions, whatever works for you. I'll try to drown out the bad thoughts by turning up the radio real loud and dancing randomly around the kitchen. And if that doesn't work I'll eat a *lot* of chocolate -- if the regular stuff doesn't work, I dig into the semisweet baking chocolate. It may be a stereotype, but it *works.*

    I also spend a lot of time with my cat. She has a very refreshing perspective on my problems -- there is no day so bleak that it can't be improved by giving her cuddles and tuna. Or just tuna.
  11. Novella

    Novella Practically Family

    Los Angeles, CA
    I turn up music super loud and dance around. Baking is good therapy too, although I don't usually bake unless I know there are going to be other people around soon. Otherwise I'll end up eating too much and will feel even more bummed out. I usually avoid chocolate and bottles of wine for that reason too.
  12. Ada Veen

    Ada Veen Practically Family

    Eat a mango. You can never be miserable eating a mango :)
  13. Miss Brill

    Miss Brill One Too Many

    on the edge of propriety

    I did that these past few days. PMS & Thanksgiving do not mix!
  14. thebadmamajama

    thebadmamajama Practically Family

    Good ol' Midwest
    you can say that again...
  15. Kishtu

    Kishtu Practically Family

    Truro, UK
    I break things :D

    Never underestimate the power of a collection of cheap and nasty crockery that can be taken out back and punted at the wall!
  16. LolitaHaze

    LolitaHaze Call Me a Cab

    Las Vegas, NV
    When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't feel so bad.
  17. Amy Jeanne

    Amy Jeanne Call Me a Cab

    I'm with the old movie gang! Nothing makes me feel better than a pre-Code flick -- especially Busby Berkeley!

    I also like to listen to music and dance around. For me, it's 80s new wave. It's impossible for me to stay down while listening to Kajagoogoo, Taco, and Duran Duran!
  18. Miss 1929

    Miss 1929 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Oakland, California

    And bang on the piano!
    While having a nice cocktail in a pretty glass.
  19. RetroModelSari

    RetroModelSari Practically Family

    Do the things that you can´t do when your husband is around! Or that you are not comfortable with. Such as: Enjoy a wonderfull face mask (makes my one allways giggle when I show up), Sewing, watching the kitschy movies he doesn´t exactly enjoy.... You´ll get ideas ;) After all, enjoy beeing alone with the kids.
  20. Kitty_Sheridan

    Kitty_Sheridan Practically Family

    UK, The Frozen north
    A) Watch a Jimmy Stewart movie (It's a wonderful Life)
    B) Cry
    c) A lot...

    D) Man trouble? Put on Kelis 'Caught out there' and scream along to it. I hate most modern music, but after I saw sense and dumped the fist-happy idiot I was seeing for almost a year, I discovered this song and use it when I work out.

    Job done.

    Do not (I repeat) DO NOT do what I just did and eat a full box of dark choc brazils.......:(

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