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Discussion in 'Hats' started by dlgilbert, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. 1mach1


    Arlington, Virginia
    I wear fur felts in the summer, as long as it is not too humid, or above 90 degrees. Mainly in the early mornings and late afternoon/evenings. I wear my Campdraft every time it rains, regardless of temperature.
  2. If I'm going to be out in the sun, I will wear a hat, irrespective of the temperature. If a fur felt is all I have, I would go with that. Going hatless isn't really an option.
  3. carranty

    carranty One of the Regulars


    I wear fur felt all year round, though admittedly it rarely gets above 80F here in the UK. I take a fur felt when I go abroad too though, and wear it even in 100F+ heat. Perhaps its an advantage of being bald, but I don't find fur felts too hot to wear at any time of year.
  4. Vented VS Custom ArtLite with no liner....lighter than most of my straw hats
  5. Greyryder

    Greyryder One of the Regulars

    I don't go outside, without a hat on. Just doesn't feel right. Even when I was still only wearing ball caps. I don't like straw hats, so felt it is. Can't say it's ever bothered me. Still got an old baseball cap I could wear....

    Nah, I'll wear the felt.
  6. fedoracentric

    fedoracentric Banned

    Streamwood, IL
    In the choice between "hat" and "no hat," the hat always wins. Winter, Summer, wind, rain or shine.

    Edit to say: Man. I like that so much I am making it my tag line!
  7. Picker

    Picker One of the Regulars

    outside Atlanta, Georgia
    I used to be able to wear fur felt in the summer if I wasn't very active, but lately in the Georgia summer humidity I prefer my 10 year old cotton duck Tilley T5. It's been washed countless times and accompanied me around the world.
  8. HamilcarBarca3

    HamilcarBarca3 One of the Regulars

    Houston, TX
    I have an old light felt hat that I use every time I spend a good amount of time outside. The brim is great at keeping the sun out of one's face in these hot days.
  9. Matt Deckard

    Matt Deckard Man of Action

    Straws the word… but if it's a good light felt and with vents, then it often feels better than sun beating down on your scalp.
  10. Brian Niebuhr

    Brian Niebuhr One of the Regulars

    When the sun is really intense, a felt hat helps. On those hazy hot and humid days, it might not feel as nice but the rest of you won't feel nice either. I'd rather hide my sweat soaked hair with a hat and have a little shade as well.
  11. APP Adrian

    APP Adrian A-List Customer

    Well summer is my "hibernation" season lol. I rarely go out when it's hot outside, but if I do go out, it's only for a short time =D.
  12. Joao Encarnado

    Joao Encarnado I'll Lock Up

    I also wear fur felt all year.
  13. B1ggles

    B1ggles Familiar Face

    Suffolk, England
    It would be panama or straw normally. But, given the choice you offer, it has to be fur - hot weather is when you need a hat most of all.
  14. Edward

    Edward Bartender

    London, UK
    Given that I both hate the sun (I spend as much of July and August as is possible indoors) and shave my head, going hatless is not an option, even if it were comfortable. Mostly in Summer I wear cotton or linen caps, or a straw of some variety (I prefer polystraw for its superior wet weather resistance). I do however also often wear my Akubra Riverina, vented and rebashed safari style with a pugaree I hand wound. Pushed to choose just one Summer hat, that is by far the most versatile. It's travelled extensively with me and always coped well with extremes of both sun and rain.
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  15. Rabbit

    Rabbit Call Me a Cab

    Definitely hatted, no matter how hot.

    You can push the hat backward to the hairline to prevent a waterfall of perspiration forming on your forehead. The combination of wide brim and pushed-back sweatband is ideal for hot weather wear.
    A fur felt can even have some advantages over a Panama or other woven hat in extreme heat. For travelling, for instance, a fur felt is ideal. It will keep its shape (in the rain, too) and you can remove the salt stains from sweating much more easiliy than on Panamas. If it's really hot, the type of hat makes no difference, anyway. It's all about protection from UV rays and direct sun exposure (heat).
  16. The Wiser Hatter

    The Wiser Hatter I'll Lock Up

    Louisville, Ky
    I enjoy Milan's this time of year. Why be so strict to just one thing fur felt.
  17. MikeBravo

    MikeBravo One Too Many

    Melbourne, Australia
    I always wear a hat all year 'round.

    I am perfectly comfortable in fur felt, even on 100 degree days, as it keeps the sun out of my eyes and the sun of my bald head.

    Mind you, there is something delightful about feeling the breeze flow through the "ventilation holes" (is that the technical name?) in the side of a nifty summer straw.
  18. I wear straw most of the year. The fur felt only come out in winter, basically late November through February. But I'd wear the fur over going hatless anytime.
  19. I would wear a felt rather than not at all. This summer in Ohio has been cooler than normal, so more felts than straws this season.
  20. Brother cavefish

    Brother cavefish Banned

    San Pedro
    hot sun days i wear a straw hat, one of those wide ones like a lifeguard

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