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For Sale: B-15D(mod), Replica Series Alpha Industries, size 38

Harris HTM

One Too Many
the Netherlands
Up for sale my B-15D(MOD), Alpha Industries, Replica Series, size 38 (nominal, see below why).

This a Replica Series jacket (made in the US). For those not familiar with this series: it is a much much better edition compared to their normal or "Vintage" series, quite rare to find nowadays. I've never handled an original or a Buzz Rickson, but from what I've read (also here and the VLJ forum), the Replica Series are of equal quality.
Really heavy, thick and warm. Lining is a thick pile, 58% wool, 52% cotton. Scoville zippers. External pockets lined in heavy corcuroy, internal pockets lined in heavy canvas. Wool knits. Amazing nylon, much better than anything else I've ever handled (agreed, I have handled only early 90's made in the US "civilian" Alpha's and Greenbrier's MA-1 and Bronson's MA-1 and B-15c).

I bought this in the summer of 2020 as Deadstock Item (it was unworn) from the US, and have worn it less than 5 times since (see below why). Including shipping, VAT and import fees it cost me more than 300 euros.

As the jacket was stored for many years in a warehouse, it didn't smell that nice. Thus, I brought it to my dry cleaner. What I got back was... a shrunk jacket that had lost it's shape. I followed the handwash with baby shampoo, roll in a towel, let it dry horizontally method, and I got back some of it's original measurements. However it is still rather too tight to me (thanks also to the lockdown and gained weight), therefore I'm letting it go.

Except for the tight fit, there are the following shortcomings with the jacket:
  • The waist knit has lost its elasticity (not completely but you feel it).
  • On the middle of the waist knit in the back there was a small moth hole that was repaired by my dry cleaner.
  • On the right sleeve there is a small flaw at the seam (see photo). It is not torn or open, I can provide more detailed photo's if needed.

Measurements: This is a thick jacket and not that easy to measure, please check photo’s on how I measured.
  • P-2-P 22,75”
  • Sleeve 26,50” (along the curve), 24,50” (straight)
  • Back 23,375”
  • Shoulder 18,75” (straight)

I would say that the fit feels similar to a Bronson MA-1 size 38 (albeit the Alpha is shorter), but looks a bit wider.

All photo’s are indoors with and without flash on on my mobile.
Ships from a smoke- pet- children free home!

I am letting the jacket go for 135euros + shipping, PayPal F&F. Item ships from the Netherlands, I will quote shipping costs and method according to destination. I cover the shipping costs for buyers within the Netherlands.

I will not be responsible for any customs charges / VAT / Import fees (either to the UK or elsewhere).

No returns please - therefore feel free to ask me as many questions as needed and please check the photo's, description and measurements carefully.

Due to some recent unpleasant transactions both here and at the VLJ forum, plus an outbreak of scammers here, I'd prefer to sell this jacket to long standing members.

If more photos (or even videos) are needed please feel free to contact me.
Thanks for looking!

01 Front 1.jpg
02 Front 2.jpg
03 Front 3.jpg
04 Back.jpg
05 Composition.jpg
06 Decal 1.jpg
07 Decal 2.jpg
08 Inner.jpg
09 Pockets.jpg
10 Zippers.jpg

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