For sale: Borsalino Cecosca in Narvalo colour size 7 1/4

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by steur, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. steur

    steur I'll Lock Up

    For sale is this Borsalino Cecosca model in grey. Colour is called Narvalo on the label. Size 5 1/2 punti, which is a size 58 European or 7 1/4 American. Bound brim at a good 6,5cm and crown 10cm at the center dent. Wonderful condition with some very slight discolouring on the mid-sized ribbon (hard to see both in the pictures and in person).
    Asking price $110
    Shipping to the US will be $25

    borsalino narvalo_07.jpg borsalino narvalo_08.jpg borsalino narvalo_09.jpg borsalino narvalo_10.jpg borsalino narvalo_11.jpg borsalino narvalo_01.jpg borsalino narvalo_02.jpg borsalino narvalo_04.jpg borsalino narvalo_05.jpg borsalino narvalo_06.jpg
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