FOR SALE (SIZE 38) COCKPIT USA U.S. Navy Issue Mil Spec G-1 Jacket

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    Hello everybody
    Hope everyone reading this is fine during these challenging times we are facing ! I am posting as I would like to offer my SIZE 38 Cockpit USA Mil-Spec G-1 Jacket for sale ! The jacket is in perfect condition and has been worn very few times on special occasions (e.g. Christmas celebration). Now some info about the jacket, i suppose most of you already know ! It is made using 100% goatskin leather. The lining is Silky nylon and the collar is genuine mouton shearling. As far as the colour is concerned, the jacket is the typical G-1 brown or seal brown. Lastly I shall mention it is MADE IN THE USA as stated on the jackets labels as well as on Cockpit USAs website ! Pictures will follow shortly, highlighting the great condition of the item ! For more info on the jacket (PRICE, SHIPPING etc.) please contact me by starting a conversation or by just posting on this thread !
    Let me know in case you are interested !
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