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For Sale: Thedi Shawl Goat Skin w/ Buttons


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Up for sale is a Like NEW Thedi Shawl Goatskin jacket. Cognac color (aka light Brownish). I'm the only owner. Purchased direct from Thedi. Condition is very conservatively rated (by me) as like new. No smells. No stains. No scratches (that I've found).

The only thing I found worth mentioning is the back of the shawl collar has some darker shading in a spot-- Not from a stain, but I believe from the tanning process. Which is why they probably selected it for the back of the collar that is normally folded down. Check the pic-- really hard to tell except by picky people like myself.

This is a light weight goatskin. 3lbs, 4oz on this Thedi jacket. Compare that to my Highwayman which feels like armor (in a good, but not comfy way) and weighs at 5.5 lbs+. In other words, this jacket doesn't fatigue you when you wear it. It's not a burden to take on or off or wear in the car. What I also like about the goat skin is that is has more "elasticity" than horse, but still retains it shape.

The best feature regarding the leather on this jacket is the beautiful graining. Check out the back panel-- it's like it was custom selected to showcase the graining/pattern... it probably was. One of a kind leather on this, for sure.

So why am I selling? It don't fit. Even when I bought it direct from Thedi, it was a tight fit. I thought it would be good motivation to lose some weight... which I did for a glorious little while. "A little while" being the key wording. So... it's been sitting in my closet and I'm ready to move on and get a jacket that actually fits my body and my lifestyle. I would say this jacket will look good on: broad shoulders + fit waist. Probably best for a 40-42 chest and a 32ish waist. I'm 5'10." 5'11" on a good day.

Note on the photos: No color correction applied (pretty sure the phone didn't use any filters). Please check all the photos to get an idea about the true color and grain/finish on the leather. In some pics the lining looks more blue or more black and white. It actually looks slate blue/gray.

Price: I am offering this jacket at $1150 OBO.

A new (unlined) Thedi (bought direct) is currently 1450 EURO with additional 95 EURO shipping. And a 60 day wait period.

US Domestic shipping gets priority for offers. Payment is via Paypal FF. Shipping is included in US. Please check the measurements carefully as this is a final sale.


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