(FOR SALE) Vintage 50's British bespoke grey double breasted suit, size 38-39

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Mathematicus, May 20, 2017.

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    I've been very undecided if I wanted to sell this beauty or not, but it's time that someone else fully appreciate it.

    I'm selling this fine example of mid 50's British tailoring. Bespoke made in 1955, grey heavyweight wool with a nice nap and some pleasant self-texture. It's a double-breasted 4x1 cut with strong shoulders and nipped waist, but more typical of a mid 40s suit than of a later "bolder" look. The lapels are gorgeus and feature unusually only a single hole. It features double vents, which however are well fitting (not like the modern version).
    Trousers are high waist with side adjusters and (non original) braces buttons. They have double forward pleats and a tapered leg, one of the few 50s feature of this suit.

    Conditions are excellent. It shows minimal wear on the outside, but there are three minor issues:
    - the lining is torn at the armpits (but it is clean and sturdy elsewhere)
    - the inner button-hole is frayed. Actually it looks like it was not finished like the outer one, which has started to deteriorate but not too much
    - there is a small tear on the lower corner of the left pocket. This can be easily repaired.

    The only reason I'm selling it is that it fits too roomy on me and it would require major alterations to look right. It surely worths the expense, but I don't think it is right to ruin the original silhouette of this suit just because it is a size bigger than mine.

    Here is a shot of the jacket worn by me. I'm sorry but I do no have the tools to make a good quality full-body shot. For detailed pictures of the suit just PM me.



    I would estimate a regular size 38, perhaps with shorter arms or even a 39. Depending on your fit preferences, it could be worn even by a slender 40.

    - armpit to armpit fully extended: 20.5 inches
    - shoulder seam to seam: 18.5 inches (note they are strongly padded and manage to look almost right on my 17 inches shoulders)
    - sleeves: 23.5 inches (plus about 1.5 inches to let down)
    - waist: 19 inches
    - length from base of collar to hem: 28.5 inches

    - trousers' waist: 33 inches with adjusters fully extended (almost nothing to let out; they have been originally let out to the max)
    - inside leg: 32 inches about (with more than 1 inch to let out). The inside leg was originally 29.5 inches with turn-ups and has been altered to my measurement.
    - leg opening: 9.5 inches across hem

    The suit is clean and well cared of. I had it dry cleaned a couple of years ago in Italy, by a competent cleaner who presses everything by hand. I've worn it only twice since then and at most three times in total.


    When I picked up this suit, almost ten years ago, it was in terrible conditions. It was completely smothered by cigarette smell and the fabric felt dirty. I've restored to almost mint conditions with a lot of time and it has always been stored in my personal wardrobe (not stuffed in a storage box). If it weren't for me, I'm sure it would have been trashed.

    So, I don't want to fix a starting price but I expect you will make me a reasonable offer.
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    Hi Bud, just spotted your suit in the classified, i like the look of it!!, do have more photo's of jacket and trousers?.
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    Upon a couple of requests, I took some picture of the suit in question and I'm posting them here. Click on the link below to see pictures (sorry, I didn't manage to let them show up here!)

    Any other request, just ask!

    PRICE: I'm not good giving price to things that I love (as I find them priceless) but since I got to... Asking 250 £ (plus shipping) or shoot me an offer via PM!
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