Friendship Leather in Patong, Thailand

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    On a recent trip to Patong, I was in search of a shoe repair shop and stumbled upon a place called Friendship Leather. I’ve been to several custom leather shops in Asia (particularly in Indonesia, China, and Thailand), but I thought this particular shop may be of interest to some Loungers. It appears to be better quality than other shops I’ve seen, and some of the styles are similar to what I commonly see on the FDL.

    store front.jpeg boots and bags.jpeg

    In particular, I was impressed with their selection of Red Wing style boots, engineer boots, loafers, and dress shoes in the $100-$200 range…

    boots 1.jpeg boots 2.jpg shoes.jpeg

    They did have a small selection of leather jackets that looked reasonable for the price (~$220), as well as leather vests, belts, bags, and hats…

    Jackets.jpg vests.jpeg belts hats.jpg

    I personally picked up a unique jean jacket ($55), a nice brown leather belt ($40), and a custom-made pair of gray suede loafers ($105) …

    My Order.jpg

    I’ll post an update on how my gear holds up later…considering getting a leather jacket or boots there in the future. Wonder if anyone else out there has any experience with Friendship Leather?

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