FS: 60s / 70s Luda clothing blue cafe racer size 40

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Marc mndt, Sep 11, 2021.

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    I'm selling this super rare Luda Clothing cafe racer, made in England. Probably late 60s or 70s. It features (folded over) contrast color racing stripes and two slanted chest pockets. It's lined with thick cotton drill. The jacket is in excellent condition. No odors, no rips no tears. €175 plus actual shipping costs. Paypal FF

    There's no size label but judging by the measurements I'd say it's a size 40. Sleeve measurement might seem short, but it's not (because of wide shoulders). For reference, I'm 5'11 / 180

    Chest 22"
    Shoulders 20"
    Back length 26"
    Sleeves 23"

    E0B8E53F-1194-4AE2-B157-CC1F9A6BB4C8.jpeg C244ADDA-4598-4B61-8C1B-023AC928D9D5.jpeg CC6B8C69-8917-49CE-9D0D-056AB2C7B9B0.jpeg 175F9458-3FF7-4C3E-A1CE-A8351E02788F.jpeg FB2B9E0A-0696-497E-A4A8-E6457FADFF1A.jpeg E26C1518-6039-4748-8E81-F3D08309F750.jpeg 498CF616-878B-4FBC-B1F2-ABE1ABE7C88D.jpeg 28AFA8C5-038B-4288-AF49-868F9205AC12.jpeg 494CA144-D86B-49A0-9675-AC063EF0D00D.jpeg
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    That is awesome.
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    Really cool. GLWS!
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  4. Marc mndt

    Marc mndt My Mail is Forwarded Here


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