FS A2 size 38 Bud Anderson signature / Ace Silk lining

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Philippe1804, Oct 20, 2021.

  1. Philippe1804

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    South of salomon island
    Hi Guys,
    I propose this premium repro, from the discontinued THE FEW, a Rough Wear 23380 with Bud Anderson Signature, horsehide, crown zipper, splendid red Silk lining. 69E55A49-F694-43D6-AEC6-E0AB127563E1.jpeg 93F5CAD9-1919-443E-B6E4-33979EE8F7F6.jpeg 69E55A49-F694-43D6-AEC6-E0AB127563E1.jpeg 4BCFA0F8-B148-4BE7-8A7B-D867AFE59107.jpeg 3AE1D1FE-4D4E-48AF-808B-7465C9E2D6FE.jpeg 38654070-F135-4C07-9586-8A386456C557.jpeg B4E2B589-37CE-47A2-8D0C-BA034A0EBD41.jpeg
    Very good conditions, 950 USD, shipping include.

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