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FS: Freewheelers La Brea Rude Black size 42


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Freewheelers La Brea Rude Black Size 42
shinki horsehide, very shinny and beautiful, I have written a review for it, please feel free to read if interested

I purchased this for $2777, never wore outdoor, no smell. As I have tried for a few times, very little crease on sleeve. Unfortunately I think this jacket is a bit too large for me. I am 180cm height, 80kg weight, 102cm chest, 51cm shoulder
I would recommend people with chest between 105cm - 110cm to have it. It has larger chest and waist then normal size 42 leather jacket

Shinki horsehide
size 42
pit to pit 57cm
sleeve 65cm
shoulder 51cm
waist 53
back length 63 (without colar)
back length 65 (with colar)

Prices of Japanese leather jackets increase each year. Definitely worth buying earlier.
ASK: $2450 includes express shipping with tracking number
Let me know if interested, comments, offers, more photos, etc.
PayPal friends/family, no return





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ain't going to lie. Had to take a cold shower before I did something crazy LOL. Beautiful piece but too rich for my blood and I'm not even sure it would fit.

Indeed it is a very beautiful jacket, therefore I highly suggest send me the measurements first then we can discuss the fitting


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Please take a look at the la brea 42 above, it is from my friend and he put it for sale. He set the price at 14800, which is 2321 dollar, but I think it is negiotable, and please note that I have no interest in this transaction. If you can transfer the payment through wechat, alipay to my friend, that would be awesome. In case, above methods are not available, the payment would be transfered to my paypal account through friends/family and it is non-refundable, of course once I receive the payment I would transfer to him through alipay or wechat, and I would urge my friend to deliver the jacket. But I am not liable to any conflict involved in the transaction and there would be no compensation from me. Therefore be noted once you decide to take this jacket.
and this jacket has no tag, considering it has more creases than my 2019 ver. I think it is around 17 18, I am not sure about that. If you are interested, you can pm me about the offer price I would talk with him.
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