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FS: Freewheelers LaBrea Yellow Ochre Deerskin leather jacket


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For sale is my lovely FREEWHEELERS La Brea Leather Jacket - Sz 38 - Special Edition Deerskin in Yellow Ochre

Only 250 of these made, they run ~$3000 New. Asking $1800 shipped in the lower 48 United States via Paypal Friend&Family; international buyers welcome but will pay shipping costs. I won't do PayPal invoice for this one due to recent chargeback scams, but I can provide eBay and Grailed references on request. I have also bought on Fedora Lounge if you want to reference my activity here. I am not looking for trades, but thanks. I have way too many jackets!

Freewheelers jackets rarely come up for sale and this one is an even rarer finish and hide, so don't miss this chance to pick it up at a fraction of its new cost.

Overall, great condition. I purchased from the original owner earlier this year, but haven't worn it out the house myself. Its has been worn, and it is not in new condition. The deerskin has some small markings and nicks, but is starting to develop an amazing patina. Structurally sound, no flaws, rips, tears, holes and/or foul odors, just some honest signs of wear.

I do not accept returns so please ask questions and look at the pics and measurements. It’s a grail jacket. The tag size 38, but please see measurements for an accurate picture.

All measurements made with garment laid flat.

Chest (pit to pit): 20.5”

Shoulders: 18.5”

Length(from seam on bottom of collar): 22”

Sleeve: 24.125”


Here are the retailer's measurements for size 38:
38(M): Length 58.5cm, Width 51.5cm, Shoulder width 46cm, Sleeve length 63cm

I included all the information from Avenue in Japan, which is the store that carried this special edition (and I believe it was the only place it was sold). This was translated from Japanese via Google, so forgive if some of is imperfect. The link to the jacket's page is also below, so you can see it for yourself:













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Will follow up with detail shots of any markings shortly. For now, here are additional photos and the translated description from Avenue, the store in Japan that sold this limited model:





"La Brea"



319,000 yen

"La Brea" Deerskin

All of the leather jackets produced by Free Wheelers are extremely unique, and everyone can pass through their sleeves without hesitation. However, it is nothing but the appearance of a great knowledge and passion for leather jackets with substance.

In particular, the leather jacket released by Free Wheelers is born with functionality and inevitability in each brand and model, and because it is the ultimate figure that strongly reflects the culture and background of the past, it has a reality that only those who can taste through the sleeves. It's ering.

There is a mysterious world with exhilaration and sorrow that I have never tasted before.

In the 1930s, leather jackets and biker jackets were created from various brands, and it was also an era of custom-made and elaborate construction. There were many items that were said to be masterpieces in such an era. Of course, in vintages, etc., it is a rare item that you can't see, and it's still a high deal.

Free Wheelers Special Line "Leather Togus" series.

In the 1930s, it was said to be the dawn of leather jackets (motorcycle jackets), and various leather jackets were released from various brands. At that time, there were no leather jackets that were established and standardized, and jackets with functional designs were released from each brand through trial and error.

After the war, the era of mass production has come to the United States, and there are many brands that have disappeared. In the vintage world, there are still very rare brands such as "Peters" in San Francisco and "Leather Togus" in Boston, which are known as very rare brands, but both brands are designed, quality, and functionality. I'm making it carefully.

In the times, in the low-volume production era, there were only custom-made items that were handmade one by one.

It is an item series of the leather brand "Leather Togusu" which is called such a phantom. It is said that it was founded and existed in Boston, USA from 1920 to 1940, and all the products that were made were made-to-order and made in small quantities of luxury products, and it was a one-of-kind item. It is said that the world's first D-pocket type rider has been made, and the same thing doesn't come out in vintage. Since it disappeared spontaneously after the war, the brand details remain a mystery, but I pay tribute to the brand, and now it will be revived by the hands of Free Wheelers.

The 1930s to 40s style double-breasted motorcycle jacket "La Blair" can be said to be a representative masterpiece of Free Wheelers. Based on that "La Blair", it will be a Deerskin type "Labre" Avenue Limited model made at the enthusiasm of our Avenue.

The color is the same yellow aucal as "Sunset" and "Darius" where you can enjoy aging.

This "La Brea" is also one of the leather jackets that existed at that time, and nowadays, unthinkable collars and parts have an atmosphere, making it tasteful.

Of course, it is elaborate and polite in everything, such as texture, functionality, and fine parts, and I feel that it is well beyond the original (vintage).

The fabric is made of Free Wheelers Original Deerskin (deerskin) fabric, and it is finished in a very high-quality, solid and thick texture. It has a texture that you can see the feeling of seeing and touching it, and even a sense of luxury.

The more you wear it, such as sunburn and dirt, the more the luster of the leather becomes, and the surface becomes enchanted. Please enjoy maintenance such as oil as you like.

The lining part on the back side is a full lining specification, and Bordeaux-colored cotton flannel fabric is used up to the lining of the sleeve.

I think the silhouette is soft of leather, but the width and shoulder width are made a little loose, and the sleeves and earl holes are also made a little easier to move. The diaphragm of the waist is not too tight, so I think it's a little easier to wear.

By the time of looking at the front left, there is a "D pocket" that is also a feature of this jacket, there is no patch pocket or hand pocket at the hem, and there is only a D-shaped pocket on the left. Both sides of the pocket entrance are studded, the zipper is made of hookless zippers older than Talon, and black pepper chambray fabric on the inside.

The cuffs are squeezed by opening and closing the zipper, and the sleeves come with 4 studs, which is also a characteristic design of leather Togus.

On the inside of the left body, an inner pocket with a diagonal pocket (easy to put your hands in even with gloves on) is attached, and there are two snap buttons at the entrance. In addition, a plaid cotton flannel fabric is used inside the pocket.

Beside it, there is a patch of "Leather Togusu" which is close to the atmosphere of the time itself.

The collar part is double, but it can also be single for the purpose of use, and although it is usually hidden, there is a chin strap on the back of the left collar, and it must have been thought out at that time as a wind shielding function.

The front zipper part uses a pinlock type with a reprinted "WHIZZER" zipper with the real name of the eyelet specification, which is often found in jackets of the 30s.

The right body that you can see when you open the zipper has a zipper pocket, and a plaid cotton flannel fabric is used on the inside.

The waist belt has a waist belt that takes into account cold protection and wind shielding, and it is also possible to squeeze it. In addition, the front body is about 2 to 4 cm longer than the back body.

The texture of the vintage itself is finished in the ultra-ultimate motorcycle leather jacket that has been revived to the modern era through the filter of Free Wheelers.

This leather jacket with a supple and soft texture of Deerskin. In addition, there is a thick texture of the dough and a good texture in both texture and wrinkles.

It is such a luxurious double rider, but you can wear it if you can enjoy the original aging of the fabric. Some people who purchased it at our shop take a bath while wearing it to eliminate discolored parts such as rain, snow, etc. I checked it myself, but it had a different gloss in a good way from the atmosphere when it was new.

Basically, no maintenance is good, but I think some people say that it's an expensive product, so if you're worried about spots, I recommend oil.





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Giving it a try, would you consider a trade with FW Brakeman black shinki horsehide size 38? Sorry for the spam


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Surprised this is sticking around. I just got my first deerskin jacket and the thing is a dream to wear comparing it to heavy and stiff horsehide.
Me too! Actually, it's my first Freewheelers jacket and it's epic, but I'm fortunate enough to also have 2 other deerskin jackets. Hoping as it cools off in the next few weeks, someone will take this beauty off my hands.

For full disclosure, I'm also posting photos of any marks. Deerskin tends to mark somewhat easily, but the accumulation of these minor signs of wear will amount to one amazing patina.



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So tempting as it’s my size but high shipping rates und 25% for tax and duty is unfortunately a deal breaker for me. GLWS!