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FS: IronHeart 777 XHS (~10-15 wears)

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New in Town
Dear Fellow members,

I bought a few months ago new from the official website IH-777XHS.

I realized that low waist cuts and slim cuts are not for me, plus I gained muscles. Conséquence, I almost never wore it. It has been worn about 10-15 times for casual walks, was hemmed by IronHeart themselves at inseam: 73 cm and has been cold soaked once, not washed (I can wash it before sending it).

size: 31
Waist: 80,5cm FR: 25.1cm, RR: 37.3cm, thigh: 29.5cm knee: 20.3cm, hem: 19.1cm inseam hemmed at 73cm

one detail: under the crotch the stitches are more visible (see pictures) I emailed Giles from IronHeart about it, he said it’s normal because of the weight of the fabric. Pretty good deal if it’s your size and you like the cut. It’s been gathering dust here.

Asking 180€ PPFF shipping included, condition being almost new. (new are at 376€). Ask any questions, no refunds. Thanks for looking.


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