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FS: Schott Suede Perfecto collab with Stag Provisions Size M. $400


Familiar Face
$400, buyer pays shipping. CONUS only.

I bought this jacket last year while I was experimenting with some different styles/colors of leather jackets. I am selling it because I've only worn this jacket once since then and it's just been sitting in the closet while I wear my other jackets. I would like to pass this along to someone who would be wearing this in good health and would put it this style of jacket to better use than I currently am. I really enjoy the denim colored cotton lining as well as the buttery soft feeling of the suede. It all comes together very nicely with this asymmetrical leather jacket and the beautiful light caramel color.

For reference my body size is approx. 5'7 and I weight about 170 pounds and I would say it fits me really well except the sleeves are a bit long but that's typical for this style of jacket from what I know. I just cannot seem to get used to the length of the sleeves whenever I have put it on while trying to match it to outfits.

My Measurements in inches
Chest: 20
Shoulders: 18
Sleeves: 26.5
Front: 26.5
Back: 28.5

Actual Measurements
21.5 inches chest width (from armpit to armpit)
18 inches shoulder width (from shoulder to shoulder)
27 inches sleeve length (from shoulder to cuff)
25 inches front length (from shoulder to hem)
27 inches back length (from base of collar to hem)

Note, there seems to be some variance from my measurements to actual measurements but it's very close. It doesn't feel tight or snug at all on me around the chest. It drapes my body almost spot on. Just can't shake the sleeves covering my whole hand while at rest.


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