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Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by AeroFan_07, Aug 4, 2021.

  1. AeroFan_07

    AeroFan_07 I'll Lock Up

    After posting the High School thread earlier today, I realized I have never seen an FFA jacket thread. If you have been an FFA member and have one of these jackets, feel free to post it here. I will also post the details for wearing these, as these are uniforms - and not for the public to wear. They were intended to be worn for official occasions only, and exactly as specified. Men & Women are welcome in FFA and each had their dress codes.

    Full details here: https://www.menifeeheritageffa.com/ffa-official-dress.html

    As I indicated in the HS thread: Mine is a size 34 - I will never be able to wear it again and I outgrew it by Sophmore year. I was only 4' 10" and 95 lbs as a freshman. But I had size 11.5 feet and my father is over 6' tall. It was only a matter of time.


    Here are the details for wearing, which seem a bit complicated these days:
    Proper Use of the FFA Jacket
    1. The jacket is to be worn only by members.
    2. The jacket should be kept clean and neat.
    3. The back of the jacket should have only a large offcial FFA emblem, the name of the state and the name of the local chapter, region, district or area. The front of the jacket should have only a small official FFA emblem, the name of the individual, one office or honor and the year of that office or honor.
    4. The jacket should be worn on official occasions with the zipper fastened to the top. The collar should be turned down and the cuffs buttoned.
    5. The jacket should be worn by members and officers on all official FFA occasions, as well as other occasions where the chapter or state association is represented. It may be worn to school and other appropriate places.
    6. The jacket should only be worn to places that are appropriate for members to visit.
    7. School letters and insignia of other organizations should not be attached to or worn on the jacket.
    8. When the jacket becomes faded and worn, it should be discarded or the emblems and lettering removed.
    9. The emblems and lettering should be removed if the jacket is given or sold to a non-member.
    10. A member should act professionaly when wearing the FFA jacket.
    11. Members should refrain from use of tobacco and alcohol when underage at all times when representing the FFA. In addition, members should exhibit their leadership qualities when they encounter substances including tobacco and alcohol and serve to discourage others from inappropriate behavior.
    12. All chapter degree, officer and award medals should be worn beneath the name on the right side of the jacket, with the exception that a single State FFA Degree charm or American FFA Degree key should be worn above the name or attached to a standard key chain. No more than three medals should be worn on the jacket. These should represent the highest degree earned, the highest office held and the highest award earned by the member. No more than three medals should be worn on the jacket.
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  2. tmitchell59

    tmitchell59 I'll Lock Up

    Nice Randy! I would guess there are collectors for these jackets. I recall them when I was in high school 50+ years ago! My son was the FFA Star Green Hand his first year in FFA.
  3. AeroFan_07

    AeroFan_07 I'll Lock Up

    Awesome! Great to hear Terry - I recall that award, but did not recieve it personally.

    I was the Sentinal my Senior year in FFA.
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  4. casterfield

    casterfield Familiar Face

    New York
    Definitely collectors for these. Love the old ones with buttons and arrow pockets.
  5. Peacoat

    Peacoat Bartender Bartender

    South of Nashville
    Having grown up in an area devoid of farms, I had never seen one of these jackets, nor had I ever known of a member of the FFA. Yes, the rules do seem complicated. They remind me of the rules governing the wearing of the Boy Scouts uniform.

    Interesting jackets; interesting thread.
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  6. seres

    seres A-List Customer

    I remember these jackets, too. Interesting thread!
  7. John A Koehler

    John A Koehler New in Town

    D49EAEAE-44E1-4426-A7F9-DDCA9557173F.jpeg 4F35D37B-3DA3-48F6-A395-E76771BEA9BA.jpeg This is my Dad’s FFA jacket from the early 50’s, he graduated high school in 1955. He and my Mom both grew up on dairy farms in central Wisconsin. I didn’t realize there were details in wearing a FFA jacket. I’ve worn it playing gigs all over Texas and the Southwest, and I think I may have broken most of the rules while wearing it, but my Dad may have broken a couple in his day also.
  8. Aerielle Max

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    Those items are really great! I wish I have access to one.
  9. navetsea

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    East Java
    wow, unique
    the no 4 of the rule is the hardest to follow, man.. fully zip-up?!?
    and the no 8 is such a bummer, what's wrong with faded blue jacket, it's a proud badge of seniority, time spent under the sun and hard working-ness...
  10. I was in FFA my Senior year in HS as part of a vo-tech "conservation" class (1978). Nothing to do with livestock, but trees, dirt and such. I regret not getting a jacket now, but have had an eye out for a vintage one in my size and from one of what I consider my "hometowns" (Springfield, Cabool or Mt. Grove, Missouri). I might get my name chain-stitched on the front or just live with someone else's name. Unfortunately what I'm finding in my large size are names like "Missy", "Donna" or "Dee".

    FFA does run a sale once or twice a year for a new jacket for $40 (the Standard jacket). "All jackets are made from US Cotton. Tailored jackets are assembled in the US. Standard jackets are assembled overseas."


    I still think the owl, plow and sunrise would make a cool tattoo. Is there a rule against that?

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  11. Bfd70

    Bfd70 Call Me a Cab

    @AeroFan_07 I just found a rack full of them at a resale shop.
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