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Discussion in 'Hats' started by Robert Houston, Aug 26, 2021.

  1. Robert Houston

    Robert Houston New in Town

    I was invited by deadlyhandsome to introduce myself, so here it is.

    I'm Robert and I run/own Garrahan Hats. We've been the local hatter located in Old Towne Orange, Orange, CA for about 10 years. Within those 10 years, we've grown to be the go to hat shop for custom hats, restoration services, and our vintage hat selection.

    We'll build you any classic soft felt hat from the 1850's to the 1950's because that's what we love.

    We also carry a full line of vintage clothing, accessories, and collectibles between our two shops: Joyride and Elsewhere Vintage.

    Frankly though, we're just a couple of guys who'll talk your ear off about hats and menswear over a beer or two. (IPA's preferred)
  2. Mustang Mike's Hats

    Mustang Mike's Hats A-List Customer

    Southern California
    Rob is amazing! As a fellow custom hat maker who lives about 5 minutes from his shop, I can personally attest to their professionalism and dedication to making a great hat! Rob has assisted me whenever I've needed a hand with a project and he and his staff are the best! If you find yourself anywhere near the Orange Circle in So Cal, his shop is a must see! I know I personally wish him all the success possible!!
  3. Robert, I’m glad you were able to introduce yourself and I hope to see some of your custom hats on members here. Do you mind if I post photos of some of your hats you have on social media?
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  4. Robert Houston

    Robert Houston New in Town

    Yes please do. Thanks
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  5. Some of Garrahan’s hats:

    Whipstitched Gay Prince style:

    D73BC6D3-2617-4AE3-B9B4-D7E8C8AEED8D.jpeg 89D4F329-ED72-4CD7-87FE-292B2FEBDD9C.jpeg AA01CFC7-AB44-4366-A6E1-91CBA6FC1456.jpeg 14CADD17-2FED-4B5B-89D5-2825FEE32E62.jpeg 07B6C0D3-210D-45D9-B242-EA137A72EAA7.jpeg 6938397E-BF6B-431F-84E6-82492A8803B9.jpeg 7E083B83-10ED-4290-8886-C100432794B0.jpeg 2B428A55-0DB3-48A9-80D8-721C31558245.jpeg
  6. They do westerns too:

    B2EE254D-7B20-4F47-8B5D-059F2FB7781D.jpeg 7226C1D2-0727-48A3-B71C-7E382E01026C.jpeg 620AE3C7-FF28-42C5-9223-FDC2362B2B34.jpeg A92D9F3A-85B5-4DE1-86B6-6885C5684C88.jpeg
  7. And some cool fedoras:

    F25F3552-D532-4E74-9A6B-61BD6C0AFF20.jpeg 0E9D02ED-55C4-4294-9330-3532A904954B.jpeg B939D0D1-2D59-4E62-BDF8-0BC0F4F66192.jpeg D67E9793-4D19-446E-A8C4-568955A2BD7F.jpeg 3AC4B3A5-8485-4846-8D2A-D40B28BEC199.jpeg 5F76235F-658F-429E-AFEB-1C7095BB5699.jpeg 3B8BFCC4-3B40-4FBC-94E3-3BB897744868.jpeg
  8. Some unusual ones too:

    BD799DC4-589C-4F6F-9BA3-E298F8003C31.jpeg DAC4CC28-9957-4CEA-96DB-DEEEBE9A8FE1.jpeg C1678396-F693-4E23-A44C-03D7CD7E4459.jpeg 56D26F48-97F2-4383-86B2-077C12CF4660.jpeg EE43289E-0887-400D-9842-19BED929791B.jpeg 61547099-BDBF-4626-8973-2790CEC63900.jpeg 3A583F58-CCDF-43A3-B788-BFDF8A85D0E4.jpeg D37CAE0D-40A8-4463-92DF-5CE8006157FE.jpeg
  9. They work on hats too:

    1EADF43C-D3A3-41F0-9217-B58E907A1E9F.jpeg FAA31A33-70B6-4F72-AFE6-61654321E33B.jpeg
    PRICES AS OF 25 AUGUST, 2021
  10. I’m sure many of us would like some information on your custom hats:

    What types of felt do you offer (beaver, beaver blends, rabbit, hare, nutria, etc.).

    Is your felt Winchester, FEPSA, Tonak, or???

    What block profiles do you offer? The #52 is a perennial favorite here, but it’s certainly not the only shape we like.

    Can you give us a starting prices for your fedoras and westerns? The custom part of your website doesn’t have pricing yet.

    Do you offer vintage grosgrain ribbon? Some of your photos show petersham.

    What is your approximate wait time for completing custom hats?

    Do you offer all sizes? What size do you go up to?

    Your hats look great! We appreciate you taking the time to inform us and to share with us. Thank you!
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  11. Pellie

    Pellie Practically Family

    Enschede, Netherlands
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  12. ChicagoWayVito

    ChicagoWayVito Practically Family

    @Robert Houston

    Would you mind sharing where you got the binding attachment in the image below? A couple of us here are interested in this attachment (@humanshoes) Cheers!
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  13. RBH

    RBH Bartender

    Welcome to the Lounge!
  14. humanshoes

    humanshoes One Too Many

    Robert was kind enough to respond to my inquiry and let me know that his attachment was made by TAC. I just ordered one from Amy yesterday and was informed that they are now making this new, more complete attachment with the ribbon keeper on the front and guide posts at the rear. I'm wondering, CWV, if they might be able to retrofit the one that you have.
  15. Frunobulax


    Funkytown, USA
    Welcome to the Lounge, Robert. I've been following you on Instagram for a couple of months. You do beautiful work, and I look forward to seeing more - and perhaps owning one.
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  16. ChicagoWayVito

    ChicagoWayVito Practically Family

    Thank you Rick! I just emailed Amy, will see what she says.
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  17. humanshoes

    humanshoes One Too Many

    My apologies Robert. In my excitement over TAC's new and improved binding attachment, I failed to properly welcome you to the lounge. It's good to have you with us!
  18. Robert Houston

    Robert Houston New in Town

    Hello and thanks..
    I wonder if tac will rework my attachment I'm still trying to figure mine out
  19. Robert Houston

    Robert Houston New in Town


    Hey deadlyhandsome and fellow loungers!

    We offer all of those types of felts at various price points, which we source from different companies.

    Our favorite block shape is #52 as well, but we also offer #70 and #25.

    Our #52 blocks run from a size 7 to 8 1/4, and we offer crown heights at 5 in, 5 1/2 in, and 6 in.

    Our base felt is hare, with a starting price for a dress weight at $350 and $450 for a western weight.

    We offer mostly vintage ribbon but we also have a small selection of new cotton/rayon ribbon as well.

    Our wait times vary depending on our workload and material delays. It's pretty much determined by a case to case basis.

    Thanks for your interest! Our website will continuously be updated with new products and info.
  20. ChicagoWayVito

    ChicagoWayVito Practically Family

    I will throw out this piece of advice, you likely already know. The tension on the ribbon is critical if there is not enough tension on the ribbon you will see a bunch of "pucker" happening on the underside but you will only notice after you've sewn the ribbon on, in that case, you need more tension on the ribbon. The attachment that I've used that looks like yours belonged to JW of JW Hats before he passed away, it did not have the ribbon post and so the tension was by hand where the user lets the ribbon slide between their thumb and forefinger.

    Additionally, with this type of attachment, I have not seen a continuous loop completed. Usually, you leave a small opening at the back with two long tails and then trim down and finish the tails on another sewing machine and/or by hand. The most interesting part is sewing the tails together to connect them. If you have found or find a way to do the continuous loop method then I would be very interested in knowing that piece. I might be able to do with the binding attachment that I have now but can't test it until I can get someone to help fix the take-up lever on my machine.

    By the way, I have been remiss in welcoming you to the Lounge. I have looked at your Instagram and website and there are some really great hats there. Will be very interested in seeing more of your work. Welcome.

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