Golden Bear..pre1980?

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by fathergoose, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. fathergoose

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    Don't it just figure that the one leather jacket I own that actually does fit like the proverbial glove, is one I found completely by accident two weeks ago in a used clothing store wedged into the corner of a ¥100 shop here in Matsuyama. Big rack of leathers going for a song because anyone in Japan who still cares about leather these days is gonna hand over a $1,000 to Eastman and wear the jacket with the tag showing. And more power to 'em. My catch is Golden Bear, black label, Talon zipper which dates it when? Before 1980? $30 because this store doesn't care what it is as long as it's out the door ASAP. And I'm guessing someone changed the knits and the lining because they're conspicuously new. Beautiful reddish-brown, buttery soft as the higher-priced spread. I shook when I brought it up to the register just in case they'd left some zeroes off the price tag. I am not worthy, but I am very happy.
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    I'd say that's a mid-1980's flying jacket style, post Indiana Jones influence - based on the distressed lamb finish and the wider cut. I had a similar one bought in 1988.
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    Your Golden Bear is a beauty! I just picked one up on eBay for only $70. Mine has a white label; not sure how to date these jackets. The white label jackets seem to be older but I really have no idea. Very well made jacket in a rare size 46 Long with a thick removable fur collar and awesome grain & patina!
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    Wowzer is that nice. Congratulations!


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  6. fathergoose

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    That IS nice!
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