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Discussion in 'Suits' started by Carl Thomas Trotter, Jul 7, 2021.

  1. Carl Thomas Trotter

    Carl Thomas Trotter New in Town

    Hello! I'm a student looking to buy some good quality suits to expand my wardrobe which is currently filled with eBay purchases to meet my budget. I'm willing to spend as much as £1,000 per suit but I'm looking for a company that meets these ideal requirements:

    -Decent Lapel Width
    -Decent Rise in trousers
    -Closed Jacket Quarters (instead of modern open quarters that show part of your shirt)
    -Decently wide trousers (anything other than skinny!)
    -Good material (No polyester etc.)

    If anyone has any custom suggestions, this is my only extra requirement:
    -Decent Amount of Options (3 piece/2 piece, sb/db waistcoats, db jackets etc.)

    Thank you in advance for any aid that I can be provided with, I hope this article will help many others in my shoes too.

    Have a nice day,
  2. GHT

    GHT I'll Lock Up

    New Forest
    Carl, from the use of the pound symbol (£) I'm guessing that you are UK based. Introducing yourself first and telling us a bit more would be a more prudent way of getting a response. You might try the search facility, there you will find a treasure of information. Try this thread: and although this is but a brief thread, the amount of information is like a goldmine:

    But if you want to find a tailor that specialises in the vintage look then see here. Scroll down to the last photo on the right to see me in my suit.
    One other tailor, famous for vintage attire, is George Dyer, who trades as, Threadneedleman.
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  3. Carl Thomas Trotter

    Carl Thomas Trotter New in Town


    Thank you very much for the advice. It was very kind of you. I apologize if I came off as a bit rude or demanding in a response and hope you will forgive me. I'll definitely look into those sources!
  4. Mathematicus

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    Coventry, UK
    It really depends on what you need your suit for. Since you mention you are a student, I actually suggest against spending too much now and keep searching eBay for solid pieces you will really need in the immediate future, at a low price.
    You will struggle to find ready made clothing with the specs you mention in any style but the most plain, business appropriate ones. If you (unlike me) have a reasonably normal body shape you might be able to find stuff that is good for work at most department stores - and with most of the characteristics you seek for.

    George Dyer makes great stuff and is recommended if you really have needs or means for tailored garments. His "vintage" styling as far as I recall gravitates towards the Mod style rather than earlier, golden-era fashion but he remains a great tailor.
  5. Aloysius

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    Go to Graham Browne in London right now, the post-Christmas promotion should be on right now. (Give them a ring; if you can't get to London immediately, maybe you could lock in that price if you paid the deposit now.)

    They're a bespoke tailor and will make you a beautiful suit with full-cut high waisted trousers. I think the post-Christmas deal is something like 700 quid, for some genuinely great fabrics too.

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