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    After a quick search, I couldn't find a header dedicated to this subject.
    So many threads lament a decline in manners, customer service, and/or general decorum. Further, even though this is a site dedicated primarily to things "vintage" and the Golden Era, we are largely slaves to the internet when it comes to finding bits of ephemera, etc… That leads to intrinsically impersonal experiences, and often it's hard to feel truly satisfied with a long distance buying experience. I'd like to see replies, not from your local mom and pop storefronts, but expressly regarding phone and/or internet commerce where you found excellent, personalized service.

    For the longest time I resisted internet commerce, but finally succumbed to its' sparkly electronic allure. Most of my transactions pass without remark, but a few really stand out. Those are exchanges that usually involve some sort of additional telephone contact. Folks here have rightly praised John Penman of Penman Hats, John Chapman from Good Wear, and others, in individual threads.

    Recently, however, I had a bad run of getting burned on my internet purchases. So I went directly to the phone, and boy was I happy I did…

    Last Thursday I contacted a shop in CT called Holland Hats ( )
    and I'm so glad I did. I talked with Bruce Holland about what I needed and could he help me… I was met with almost overwhelming enthusiasm and confidence. Mr. Holland was quick to assure me that Holland Hats was the right place to come and that I would not find a better deal on what I was looking for ( A Christys top hat ). When I explained that I was in a bit of a rush, he didn't try to push the sale. He explained that his shop's regular shipping was as likely to be as quick as express mail, but it was up to me.
    When I decided I'd come to the right place, I told him I'd log onto his site and order from him. He asked that I also send him and email through their "contact us" address so that he would remember to get the transaction taken care of that day - and it was relatively late.
    Holland Hats replied to my email within about a half hour to let me know that the order had been processed, but the best part was yet to come.
    Before the hat was shipped, Mr Holland called me back to make doubly sure a was going to get the shipping I wanted. Best I could tell, he was personally taking my purchase to the post office to see it off within an hour or two of my having ordered.

    That's my post to get this thread started: Check out Holland Hats. GREAT customer service! There are still folks out there, even when dealing over distance and via internet, that want you to remember that the customer comes first.

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